Top 5 Interesting PowerPoint Presentation Ideas

    Do you spend hours working on your presentation to make it as good as it can get and still get negative feedback? Creating a PowerPoint presentation is not just about getting all the facts in place, provide vivid graphics, custom typesetting, and establishing a functional narrative. It takes a strong command of the space, ability to keep the audience’s attention enough to understand the message you wish to convey with your slideshow. 

    More importantly, it takes a spark of brilliance to tip the balance of the viewer’s decision-making scales in your favor. We came up with five PowerPoint presentation ideas for students, business owners, senior managers, and anyone who wishes to facilitate the presentation development process, keep the audience focused and affected by your story.

    Make yourself meaningful

    A research conducted on NYU reveals that people don’t trust strangers, in general, because our brain is hardwired to be skeptical about everything unknown.  When you meet an audience for the first time to pitch a business idea or deliver any other kind of message it’s important to establish trust. Start your presentation by telling something about yourself, list any achievements that might improve the authenticity of your show. As the audience learns more about you, it should be more acceptable for them to hear you out for real. 

    Don’t beat around the bush

    It might seem like a good idea to build tension and keep the audience on their toes to see the goal of your presentation, but what if you’re not the first or the last person that came in with an amazing presentation that day? Emphasize the main goal of your demonstration right from the start so everyone would know what you’re all about. If your mission is not accepted from the start, you’ll have the chance to convince the public otherwise. Moreover, if you notice any words of doubt during your performance, it would be easier to react and emphasize the points that make your position reasonable. 

    Relax your audience with images

    Research shows that beautiful images including nature and soothing colors help our body and mind relax. When we receive information, our body works to process the input which causes stress to both body and mind. Therefore, it’s always a good idea to break subtopics with a suitable image, inspirational quote, or the combination of the two, but keep in mind the content should be related to the presentation topic. 

    It might take a little while to find the optimal imagery, but don’t spend more time browsing for stock photos than preparing the informative portion of the content. Besides, you can seek out available PowerPoint presentation writing services and delegate the visual part of the job to their experts. Once the content is ready and placed, you will help the viewers relax and feel rested from all the data, graphs, and other dry material that could be a part of your presentation.

    Audience interaction

    Asking questions during your presentation, especially the ones which are rhetorical will make your audience think about the content you’re delivering through PowerPoint. Moreover, if you conduct your research well enough, you’ll know the questions that might bother the ones who listen to you. Turn the answers to their potential concerns into rhetorical questions, it should assure them in the positive outcome of your proposal. 

    Furthermore, digital marketing industry experts speak volumes in praise of audience interaction. Keeping the people involved enhances the overall audience engagement with your performance and builds interest for your content as they learn more about what you are offering.


    Usually, a presentation ends with a short segment of Questions and Answers, where you should be prepared to answer some challenging questions, face negative criticism for your work, and general disbelief in a positive outcome of your idea. However, since the audience predominantly leaves with the last impression, don’t let them leave in doubt, unsatisfied with your answers or focused on the concerns and issues they raised a moment ago. 

    End your presentation with an encore, lead them through some of the most compelling arguments in your arsenal, emphasize positive outcome benefits, let them take home nothing but good memories. 


    We saw some of the ideas you could implement within your presentation process and make the audience even more attracted to your point of view. Who carries the message, how that message is being delivered, and ultimately, who receives the information? These are important questions you should answer if your presentation topic idea is to be accepted by your professors, clients, peers and seniors, alike.


    Robert Everett is a freelance content writer dedicated to creating compelling web content, essays, and other forms of textual content. Robert writes his work using only the most authentic sources for his research to provide meaningful information that holds practical value for the readers. He is also active on social media where he often shares his work and thoughts with the followers.

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