Top 4 Tools for Providing Exceptional Customer Support

    Providing superb customer support is something you must do in order to be closer to customers. Customers now expect a positive customer experience and journey through and through, which includes a pleasant experience whenever they need help with the products they bought.

    Even better, starting your own customer support team and delivering exceptional customer service every time isn’t as difficult as it used to be. There are more resources, tools, channels, and instruments you can integrate into your existing customer-oriented workflow.

    In this article, however, we are going to focus more on the tools and instruments that can help elevate the level of customer service you offer. Here are the top six tools for providing exceptional customer support.

    Your Inbox

    Yes, your email – the ordinary inbox we use every day – is one of the most powerful customer support tools to use. Offering email support is a basic part of an aftersales service. Setting up a customer support email is easy.

    In fact, having a dedicated customer support email is a must for one particular reason: all customer requests are there in the same inbox. A team inbox can then be integrated with individual email addresses of the customer support officers.

    Whenever a support request comes in, support team members are notified immediately through push notifications. Any member of the team can then reply and include their own company email in the thread. The rest of the team can then deal with the next unanswered request or inquiry.

    A Helpdesk Solution

    Organising and tracking support requests are the two essential tasks you need to do well in order to deliver stunning customer service. To make these tasks easier to complete, what you need is a capable helpdesk solution.

    The helpdesk solution acts as a support platform, assigning ticket IDs to support requests automatically and allowing support officers to help each other in helping the customers. Helpdesk solutions often offer additional tools that will also improve your customer support capabilities.

    A hosted helpdesk solution is what you want. With the solution running in the cloud, you know your support data and information about the customers is safe from hardware failure and other risks that lead to data loss. Cloud-based solutions are also accessible from anywhere.

    Your Social Media Pages

    Social media is an inseparable part of your brand, which is why offering customer support through social media sites is a logical step to take. Your customers are already there and allowing them to get the assistance they need on social media will improve the whole customer experience.

    There are multiple ways to do customer support over social media. You can, for example, have separate accounts for the business and customer support; you could use @yourbusiness and @yourbusinesscare on Twitter.

    The separation allows support requests to be tracked meticulously. You can integrate social media with the existing helpdesk solution we discussed earlier. At the same time, the main account can continue to engage customers (and potential customers) in a positive way.

    Q&A and FAQs

    Next, we have the Frequently Asked Questions or FAQs page on your site. A comprehensive list of frequently asked questions is highly effective in reducing the number of support requests you have to deal with. By providing customers with solutions to frequently asked questions, you are allowing them to get the solutions they need much faster.

    It is also a good idea to add a Q&A page before your support form. Make sure customers can search through questions and answers in a fluid way. More importantly, keep the FAQs list up to date by adding new common questions and solutions for them.

    These tools are the top instruments to use when you want to deliver fantastic customer service every time. Combined, they are highly effective in creating a positive customer experience at every turn of the customer journey.


    • Tom La Vecchia

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