Top 3 Tips to Stick to Your New Year’s Resolution to Lose Weight

    Did you know that January is when gyms are at their most-crowded?

    Why is this?

    Well, a lot of it has to do with the fact that people make New Year’s resolutions to lose weight. In order to stick to this resolution, many people join a gym for the first time or start going to their regular gym more frequently.

    But, after January, the crowds tend to die down and things return to normal. What happens?

    Unfortunately, a lot of people who were once so determined to stick with their New Year’s resolution in January lose motivation. How do you make sure you’re not one of these people?

    If you’re looking to make weight loss a part of your New Year’s resolution, and you want to stick to it, keep reading. We’ve got the top 3 tips to stick to your New Year’s resolution to lose weight.

    1. Create Attainable Goals

    Many people create goals like, “I want to lose 50 lbs by next year.”

    The problem is, a year is a long ways away. With a goal so far away and out of reach, it can be easy to lose the motivation to achieve it. Therefore, it’s much better to set smaller, attainable goals that you can reach before hitting your big goal. For creating better goals, use the SMART test. SMART stands for Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic, and Timely.

    Every goal you create should meet the SMART criteria. For example, “I want to get healthy”, is not a good goal, as it is neither specific or measurable.

    An example of a SMART goal would be something like, “I want to lose 1 percent of my body fat in the next month”. It’s super specific, it can be measured using a body-fat scale, it can be safely and realistically done in a month’s time, and, it’s something that you can achieve soon.

    2. Consider Alternative Weight Loss Methods

    While traditional diet and exercise is a great way to lose weight, it’s also a good idea to consider some alternative methods.

    Depending on how much weight you have to lose, you might want to consider a procedure like CoolSculpting.

    CoolSculpting is the best fat freezing method that can help jump-start your New Year’s resolution by reducing fat in your problem areas.

    3. Become a Meal Prepper

    Remember, hitting the gym is only one part of losing weight. Eating healthy is also extremely important for weight loss.

    In fact, it is believed that weight loss is 80 percent diet and just 20 percent exercise. Therefore, eating healthy should be your number one priority if you want to lose weight.

    Eating right starts with surrounding yourself with delicious, healthy meals. When you have delicious, healthy meals at the ready, you are less likely to snack on junk food or to overeat.

    Take a few hours over the weekend to plan and prepare your meals for the coming week. And don’t worry, you don’t need to be a master chef to meal prep. Something as simple as grilled chicken, a salad, and a piece of fruit is perfectly fine for your prepped meals.

    Ideally, you’ll prep breakfast, lunch, and dinner for the week ahead. But, if that’s not possible, at least try to prep for the meal where you normally tend to eat the most junk food.

    With these 3 tips in mind, you should have no problem sticking to your New Year’s resolution!


    • Tom La Vecchia

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