Top 3 Sustainable Construction Material for 2021

    Since the pandemic has hit the globe, people are constantly looking for essential ways to improve their homes and making their interior and exterior living spaces more comfortable and liveable. While the construction industry is operating in its full swing, the underlying purpose is to make construction more energy-efficient. In other words, more attention is being paid to sustainable construction projects. While you might be looking up the internet for where to buy epoxy paint in Australia, there are essential construction trends that you might want to look into. All of them are focusing on using green and renewable construction materials.

    It has been estimated that by 2022, the value of green construction projects around the globe will reach approximately $1 trillion. Here are some of the essential green construction trends that you can expect to bloom in 2021 and beyond.

    Smart Glass for Your Windows

    The chances are high that you might not have heard about smart glass windows before. By 2026, the market of smart glass windows is expected to reach $4 billion. That said, hose constructions and commercial buildings’ constructions include smart glass windows that enable more light to enter the premises while consuming less energy during the day. The smart glass windows don’t only control light but also the temperature while insulating the building.

    Another essential benefit of smart glass windows is that they can block outside light, depending on the climate. For instance, during the summers, more heat gets waved, while the smart glass of the large windows becomes opaque. On the other hand, during winter, the smart glass windows become translucent while allowing more natural light to enter the building, along with changing the temperature and heating capacity of the building. After reading this, it is easy for you to understand how the green construction trend of smart glass for windows can save companies and owners up to 30% of their entire energy costs.

    Sustainable Flooring

    When it comes to flooring, we usually don’t want to spend a lot, which is why we like the idea of hardwood floors. While the floors might look good, these don’t rank well when it comes to sustainability. For hardwood floors, millions of trees are getting chopped, which has an impact on global marketing.

    Bamboo is a perfect example of replacing trees with sustainable materials. Simultaneously, the bamboo floors are also low-maintenance while excelling in durability. If you don’t want to spend a lot on home renovation, but make the floors last, sustainable bamboo flooring it is. 

    The Inclusion of Solar Panels

    While solar panels have been with us for quite some time now, the latest construction trends have been paying more attention to the inclusion of solar panels lately. Understandably, solar panels are becoming a popular choice in home renovation and home construction projects too. It might be a bit costly in the beginning. However, the return of this investment is grand and quick. Just think about it that you won’t be paying electricity bills and how much money you could save in the long run with plenty of utility savings.


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