Top 25 GIFs of 2016 According to Giphy

    Giphy has revealed the most popular GIFs of 2016. These are the Top 25 GIFs on GIPHY in terms of total views for the year.

    1. Illustrated President Obama mic drop

    The original GIF of President Obama dropping the mic at his final White House Correspondents’ Dinner went viral and was very popular, but according to Giphy, the above far outpaced the original GIF and is claimed the #1 GIF for 2016.

    2. Crying Michael Jordan

    3. Sloth from ‘Zootopia’

    4. Unamused old lady

    5. Chris Christie looking annoyed

    6. Broad City

    7. Lady Gaga and Leonardo DiCaprio from the Golden Globes

    8. Hello Bear

    9. ‘People vs. OJ Simpson’

    10. ‘Deal with it’ cat

    11. Hillary Clinton

    12. Minions

    13. Flower scares cat

    14. ‘Sup’ seal

    15. Showbiz pizza training video

    16. Slipping penguin

    17. Mic drop Captain Obvious

    18. Monkey love

    19. Rad dogman

    20. Buffy the Vampire Slayer – Drinking

    22. Bitch better have my money

    23. ‘Children’s Hospital’ celebration confetti

    24. 100% soft heart burger

    25. The Simpsons MWAH

    via GIPHY


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