Top 10 White Lies People Are Willing To Tell [Infographic]

    The biggest bluffs – 80% of people believes it’s OK to tell a few fibs

    888poker reveal that in a OnePoll survey of 1000 respondents, 84% of women said they believed it was OK to tell the occasional white lie, compared to 77% of men.

    Are you a gifted liar or a second-rate fibber? Can you bluff with the best of them, or do you fold on the first hand? A new infographic. from 888poker shows just how many of us are prepared to massage the truth, whether for a good cause, or just to take a day off work without using any holiday.

    Lies and statistics

    Have a look at some of the most outrageous responses to the survey below, but take them with a pinch of salt – only 31% said they’d own up if they got caught lying!

    There were any numbers of reasons to “call in sick” – including wanting to go fishing, “I hate my boss” and even getting married!

    • 20% of respondents would stick to their lie if they were caught out.
    • 42% of women have lied about their diets – a moment on the lips…
    • 32% of people have fibbed on their CV – but the other 68% might be lying.
    • 55% of women have lied about the price of a purchase, compared to only 33% of men…

    The piece also includes tips and tricks to improve your bluffing technique, so you don’t get caught out with your own little white lies (even if they really are for the best!).

    The suggestions include:

    • Admit something true – it’ll keep your interrogator on their toes.
    • Go on the offensive – lie before you’re questioned about it, or it’ll be less believable.
    • Keep your story straight – remember all the details or you’ll trip yourself up!
    • Keep to your normal way of speaking – don’t use words you wouldn’t normally, or you’ll get caught out!

    So whether you stumble over a slight mistruth or can fool a lie detector, brush up on your bluffing skills and check out the statistics. – we promise they’re all true!

    Source: 888Poker


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