Tips for Buying and Storing Dried Fruits for Your Business

    Dried fruits last longer than fresh fruits. Therefore, if you want to eat fruits, but you don’t want to waste your money on fresh fruits that easily rot, dried fruits are a good alternative. Several types of fruits are available as dried fruits. You can choose semi dried tomatoes for their taste and flexibility.

    You can use tomatoes to cook different types of dishes. When you place them in water, they will come back to life, and you can use them to make pasta sauce or any other tomato-based sauce. If you run a restaurant where you cook tomato-based dishes, it is practical to use dried tomatoes. Remember these tips when buying dried tomatoes, or any other dried food products.

    Read the labels

    Some companies sell their products as organic when, in fact, they contain several substances that are far from natural. The best way to determine if they are indeed organic is by checking the labels. Read the specific ingredients. Make sure there are no chemicals you don’t understand on the label since they are most probably bad for you. Another thing to check is the amount of sugar. If possible, the dried fruits should contain no sugar.

    Buy from reliable companies

    There are companies with a strong reputation in selling organic dried fruits. They have remained steady over the years because they proved that people could trust them in selling authentic and organic products.

    Read the details on the website

    If you intend to buy dried fruits online, you can read more information about the company through their website. Find out how they obtain the fruits, and what process these fruits go through before they are up for sale. You can also check where they have their farms where they harvest the fruits as it guarantees their freshness.

    Storing and using the dried fruits

    Here are some essential reminders before using dried fruits.

    • Select the specific fruits that you can directly use from the pack. Some of them need rehydration before they become edible.
    • Refrigeration is not necessary for some dried fruits. You can keep them at room temperature. Read the labels if there are warnings on how to store the fruits.
    • Always think of portion control for dried fruits. They look smaller than fresh fruits because they shrink in the process. They are also denser in calories. Think of the number of calories your customers will get if you use the dried tomatoes in large quantities for every dish.

    Dried fruits are quite expensive because they undergo a process before they are available in the market, unlike fresh fruits that could go directly to stores after harvesting. If you find them more expensive than fresh fruits, try buying online. You might discover dried fruit suppliers online that can sell you in bulk at an affordable cost. As long as they can guarantee quality and offer you fruits that are free from harmful chemicals, you can purchase them online.


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