Thrill Seekers: Why Some People Can’t Stop Exceeding the Speed Limit

    If you drive for a while, you’ll likely see unsafe activities. Maybe you’re a great driver, but that doesn’t mean everyone follows the rules. You may witness people doing incredibly dangerous things the longer you drive.


    You might see people swerving erratically. Maybe they ingested some alcohol before driving. Maybe you see them texting or talking on a cell phone while driving. Perhaps they’re adjusting the radio while in heavy traffic, or they’re eating a burger while steering.


    Speeding happens often, and we’ll talk about that hazardous activity now. Many people do it, and it’s worth discussing why. You should know about the reasons and learn why avoiding this activity can save lives.


    Speeding Happens Every Day, All Around the Country

    Speeding kills about 10,000 people every year. That’s a staggering statistic, but it stays fairly consistent year after year. That’s because no matter how many people die, some people still do it, and they don’t let stats or the police stop them.


    Speeding happens on local roads and highways. It occurs on access roads and one-way streets. It happens with old, beat-up junkers and brand-new, high-end sports cars. Why do people do it, though? It’s worth discussing the main reasons, so let’s do that right now.


    Some People Speed Because They’re Late

    Some people speed in the mornings or at other times because they’re late. Usually, these individuals overslept, and now, they’re rushing. They have a work meeting they feel they can’t miss, or perhaps they must clock in on time, or their boss might fire them.


    They may feel they have a legitimate reason. They press down on the gas pedal and weave back and forth through highway traffic, causing terror among slower or more cautious drivers.


    If you see someone speeding this way, you might assume they’re late, but you’ll never know. You can only see them driving recklessly, and you must stay in your lane and obey the speed limit till they pass you by. You can hope the police stop them since these individuals represent a legitimate public menace whenever you encounter them.


    Some People Speed Because They’re Racing

    You might also have a speedster who has seen one too many Fast and Furious movies. You have probably seen these people too. They’re usually the ones in sports cars with aftermarket additions. They might have souped-up exhaust systems, spoilers, and fancy graphics on their vehicles.


    Some specific states and regions have a thriving racing culture. It’s illegal and unsafe, but many racers still do it. They like taking on other cars and proving their vehicle’s superiority.


    Even if you are not in a state or area with an active racing scene, you might still encounter two or more

    cars doing it on the highway or even on local roads. In that situation, you’d better clear the road fast.


    These individuals usually won’t stop or slow down when they see slower traffic ahead. Like the driver who’s late for work, you must hope the police catch these speedsters before they really hurt someone.


    Some Speed Because They’re Thrill Seekers

    You may also find someone speeding on the highway or local roads because they’re testing their car’s capabilities. They might look at the speedometer when they get their new vehicle, and they see that it can hit 120 or 140 miles per hour. They may feel like they should immediately test that.


    These thrill seekers might hit the highway at midnight or later since they feel they’ll encounter less traffic and fewer cops. The police patrol the highways constantly, but maybe this person might get lucky and avoid the authorities.


    Even if they do, they can still hit another car, or maybe they’ll wreck their vehicle if a deer crosses the road while they’re flying toward it at 100 miles per hour. These thrill seekers can sometimes meet untimely ends if they lose control, which they can easily do at those higher speed rates.


    Some Speed Because They’re Angry

    You may also encounter an angry speeder. This person might get in their car and drive after they argue about something. Maybe they have an anger issue, and they drive when they’re blowing off some steam.


    These drivers might turn out even worse if you encounter them because they’re driving fast and recklessly, but they might also stop and punch you if you honk your horn or gesture at them. They’re road rage incidents in the making.


    Road rage can start with a speeding driver and someone else honking or extending a finger at them. Next, that driver might pull over and grab a bat from the back seat. You never know what might happen after that, but probably nothing good.


    When someone speeds, you never know their mindset. Maybe they’re drunk, or perhaps they’re late and flying frantically toward their job to clock in. Maybe they’re upset and feel they can speed because nobody can stop them when they’re in that mood.


    You must monitor your speed since you can’t change what anyone else does. If someone hits you while speeding, they might just keep going. In that case, you must hope a traffic camera caught their license plate or someone else saw it.


    If they stop, that’s better, but it could become dangerous if they have a violent temper. If you feel unsafe after a speeding driver hits you, you can stay in the car with the window rolled up while you contact the police.


    Most people carry smartphones now, so you can call from inside the vehicle without directly confronting this person. If you don’t have a phone, maybe some other driver can call for you.


    The police can subdue the angry speeder. You should avoid letting some choice words escalate the situation any further. When someone speeds, that’s a clear indication they don’t respect the law. They might take a swing at you if they feel provoked, so de-escalating probably makes more sense.

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