Three Ways to Make Money from Home

    In dire times, we all start to get a little nervous about our financial security. Even when we still have an active income, but we see other people experiencing financial strife, we start thinking more about diversifying our income.

    But are there ways to make money from home? 

    Make Money on Sports

    If you are like many red-blooded Americans, you probably have invested a significant amount of time in fantasy sports leagues and, of course, absorbing information on basketball, baseball, football, and hockey. 

    The good news is, you can put all of that acquired information to use and turn it into a cash income. That is, if you live in a state that has taken part in the legal sports betting expansion. If you are a fantasy sports buff, then you’re already ahead of the curve, but we still recommend reading this how to bet on sports guide

    One thing I can tell you right now is that one of the most significant separators between sports betting pros and Joes is their philosophy. 

    Average Joe looks at betting as Team A against Team B. A pro looks at sports betting as their reasoning skills against the line the bookmakers set. 

    Once you adopt this method of thinking, it makes winning easier. You don’t hold team loyalties or let the emotions of the matchups get in the way as much. This is because your opponent is the bookie, not the other team. 

    A crucial piece of advice it to start your process with power ratings. I like to use Team Rankings for my starting point. I look at the teams current power ratings then crossreference them against the matchups and the current betting lines for said matchups. When I see a line that seems wrong given the power ratings, I have a game on the short-list for further investigation. 

    Another thing to remember is to make sure you have multiple sportsbooks at your disposal. Now that sports betting is legal in most states, it isn’t too hard of a task. The point is, if you find a line that you think you can beat, it pays to have the very best version of that line. For example, if I like Team A to get the backdoor cover against a line set at +7, but another sportsbook has the line at +7.5, I am more likely to win money at the second sportsbook. So, having options ope to you to be able to ‘shop the lines’ is critical for success in a sportsbetting venture.

    Virtual Business

    Ok, you may be thinking I am talking about online marketing or something of the sort. But no. I mean an actual virtual business. There are video games where you can start businesses and then turn the profits into real cash. 

    This is perfect for those who love old style role-playing or fantasy games where you can farm goods or craft goods and then sell them on the game’s open market. 

    Games like Entropia Universe allow are actually set up with money-making in mind.  Second Life is another game that pays you to make money in-game. Pretty cool, right? Video games are no longer just a time-suck!

    Sell Your Photos

    If you are anything like me, your are taking random or not-so-random pictures on your phone all the time. What of you could sell them? 

    You can. 

    There are apps out there that will pay you $5.00 per download. You don’t need to go through the process of creating an iStock or Getty Images account and compete with professional photogs. Simply add the app and give it permission to view your photos. When people like a picture enough to download, you get paid! 

    For those who are constantly taking pictures to upload to Instagram or Pinterest, this is a great way to make some extra cash! 

    These are just a few fun and unique ways to earn cash online from home. We figured you’ve already seen ‘become a daytrader’ or ‘take online surveys,’ so we thought we’d spice it up with some exciting ways to earn cash remotely.  


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