Things To Think About When Hiring an In-Home Care Company

    The perfect in-home provider for you and your family should be as a faithful partner, starting the moment you decide to work together. It may be one of the most challenging decisions you and your family have made about the health and livelihood of your loved ones. To make that decision trouble-free, we have a come-up checklist and helpful questions, so you know what to look for in a home care agency. Selecting an in-home care agency for your aging loved one needs a thorough decision, as you want to assure that the caregiver you are hiring fits your loved one and your family. When choosing a home care company, please consider:

    • The Company. Ensure you are picking a home care company that has years of related experience in discussing the needs with which your family is most concerned. Be sure it has an influential history and solid reliability.
    • The Caregivers. Who will be looking after your loved ones, and how will they be selected for you and your family? Make sure you have a good knowledge of the process and feel at peace with the caregivers’ professionalism.
    • The Services. Be clear with the rate you will be paying, and make sure the services are a match for you and your family’s particular needs. Address that your loved one has pets, errands, diet, medicine, routine, and hygiene to follow. 
    • Check References. Make sure you ask different people different questions about the in-home care agency. 

    The Company

    1. How long has the company been there?
    2. Is the care agency a member of a bigger care organization, or is it operated and owned by a family?
    3. How resilient is the company in terms of giving a care package that is an ideal fit?
    4. When you met a care agent, did you feel like they were someone you could depend on and trust?
    5. Does the company work with long-term care insurance?
    6. Are the caregivers guaranteed and bonded?

    The Caregivers

    1. How are the caregivers selected and prepared?
    2. How are caregivers suited and designated?
    3. What happens if there is a request to change caregivers?
    4. What happens if the designated caregiver is unwell or has an emergency?
    5. How are the caregivers traced to see if the caregivers have completed their shifts?
    6. Do we get a similar home care provider, or does the company send different providers?

    The Services

    1. What types of home care services does the home care agency offer?
    2. Can caregivers give transport?
    3. What happens if we need to change our schedule or service?
    4. What is the rate of services?
    5. What is the price range for services?
    6. Will there be immediate contact with the person who is supporting your loved one?

    Check References

    Finally, ask the in-home care agency to get you the list of references. You can ask for the list of doctors, previous clients and their families, medical staff, and community leaders who are familiar with the service that they are offering. Contact these people and ask: 

    1. Do you often refer clients to this in-home care agency?
    2. Do you have a contractual bond with this in-home care agency? If so, do you request specific standards for quality care? 
    3. What sort of feedback have you received from clients getting care from this agency, either on a formal basis or through an informal satisfaction survey?

    Hiring the correct in-home care is an essential step. It will not only affect the health of your senior loved one, but also the entire family. Take time to review different in-home care agencies to ensure you hire the best for your loved one. Make sure you are confident in the skills and abilities of the caregiver so you can expect love and care from them. 

    In-home care provides different advantages for your loved one and your family. It can also be more financially viable than other care options while protecting your loved one’s sense of independence. 

    Services and Quality of In-Home Care

    Each patient is unique. Each of them needs specialized and tailored care based on their needs. Your chosen home care must have physicians who will work closely with your loved ones. They will be the ones creating a plan beneficial to them. The home care provider must have the necessary resources to provide the essential treatment. Not only should they have the numbers and qualifications of staff to meet the needs of your aging loved ones, but they must also provide reliable and trusted care services. If you are going to entrust your loved one to a home care provider, the care services must be quality and superb. 

    Contact Senior Buddies today!

    If you or your family member is thinking of in-home care as part of a plan to age in place, call Senior Buddies now for a free consultation. We commit to supporting your family and assisting older adults in living life in the convenience of their own homes for as long as possible. If you have further questions on what to look for in a home care agency, call us. We are ready to serve you. 

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