These Are the Common Ways to Consume Marijuana

    If you thought that smoking was the only way to consume marijuana, think again. Now that the laws are changing and science continues to find more medical benefits of marijuana, its use has grown increasingly popular.

    That’s because more and more people are experiencing its benefits for all sorts of conditions, from alleviating pain to combating mental health issues. And as demand increases, the supply to meet it has soared.

    With that comes the ever-growing range of different cannabis products to market. This guide shows you all of the wonderful ways people are now choosing to enjoy their herb of choice. What will you discover?

    The Ways to Consume Marijuana

    The number of different ways of consuming marijuana has increased over the years, with so many more options than simply smoking it. Before getting right into them, if you don’t know how to buy marijuana, this app is a great way to discover new strains and find dispensaries near you.

    Before you tuck into your herby friend, there are three main methods to consume it: inhalation, ingestion, and topical. Here’s a breakdown of each.

    1. Inhalation

    Joint – the most common way to smoke where you roll up your ground weed into a rolling paper to smoke.

    Blunt – the next popular way where you empty a cigar of its tobacco and replace it with weed.

    Bongs – a water pipe that cools and filters the smoke as you inhale for a smooth, intense hit.

    Bowls – a small hand pipe, normally made from glass, wood, or metal for instant quick hits.

    Vaporizer – these are becoming more popular since the dawn of e-cigarettes. Donned as the cleaner, healthier way to smoke, they heat the weed rather than combust it. There are also e-juice vaporizers available that use a marijuana-infused tincture and can pack a stronger punch.

    2. Ingestion

    Baked goods – before marijuana can be ingested, it needs to be infused into fat to activate the effective compounds. It’s commonly done by heating in butter and baked into cakes and brownies. The high produced is stronger and lasts longer than smoking, but great for those who don’t like inhaling it.

    Pills – that’s right, you can now get your weed hit with a pill. They work similar to other edibles and are pretty potent, but make for easy, measured dosage.

    Drinks and sprays – new to the market and are alternatives to the snacks but also have similar effects. They tend to work faster though being in liquid form.

    ABV – already been vaped weed. This is what’s left after vaping marijuana. As the heat activates the THC and CBD compounds, it doesn’t need fat to be ingested. So after you’ve vaped it you can use it again to make edibles.

    3. Topical

    Tincture – liquid concentrate that can be applied under the tongue. Fast-acting and potent.

    Cream – these are infused with cannabis to be applied to areas on the body to relieve pain and inflammation. A great medicinal alternative that really works.

    Lube – used to improve sex to be more sensual and enjoyable.

    Patches – just like a nicotine patch, you apply to the skin, and your body heat activates the release of cannabinoids into your bloodstream.

    The Many Ways to Consume Marijuana

    So there you have it. These are some of the most common ways to consume marijuana these days. As you can see, times have changed since people rolled up a joint and kicked back.

    While smoking marijuana is still very much a popular and sociable option, with new advancements, laws, and research revealing its benefits, the demand has surged. And with that come the various means to consume and enjoy it for everyone.

    For more great lifestyle tips and news, come along and see what else our blog has to offer today!


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