The Value of Kinetic Focal Point Fitness for Healthy Living

    Need an exercise that truly helps you get into shape but feel you don’t have the mental focus and disciple to work at it? It may be time to take a new approach to achieving your fitness goals and try kinetic focal point training. What is kinetic focal point training? Kinetic focal point training is a workout which focuses on positioning the body in an unique way to allow an individual to exercise and isolate a specific muscle 100%. This is accomplished by using a mental focus point to push or pull the weight from. An example of kinetic focal point training is doing a shoulder press without pushing from the hands but instead using elbows as the focal point to prevent the triceps from engaging and create twice the toning results in the shoulders in half the time. Ninety percent of people, including personal trainers do shoulder press wrong, according to fitness coach Kent Paul, who teaches mastery coaching systems of kinetic focal point fitness and how to commit to thermogenic food planning. Paul explains:

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