The Ultimate Vaping for Beginners Guide

    Smoking rates are at an all-time low, so if you’re still smoking, you need to catch up with the trends. 

    Vaping is the new cool-kid thing that everyone’s obsessed with. Vaping is an alternative that means you can forget about tar-stained fingers, painful lungs, and that nagging cough.

    But if you’re wondering how to vape, you need to learn about vaping for beginners. Some quick learning will help you get the best experience from your new vape. 

    Read on to learn all about vaping, how to vape, and what to vape. 

    How to Vape

    When you start vaping, the first thing to learn is how to inhale correctly. Start slow, press and hold the button, and take a short inhale. To start, you can just leave the vapor in your mouth before exhaling. 

    Once you’ve got used to the vapor flavor, you can begin to inhale to the lungs. Take a second in-breath while the vapor is in your mouth to experience the nicotine hit you’re looking for. 

    One of the perks of vape products is all the cool tricks you can do. Get ready for waterfalls, smoke rings, mushroom clouds, and tornadoes. 

    Here are vaping tips for beginners to do the waterfall:

    • Get an empty PET bottle 
    • Inhale and then exhale all the liquid into the bottle
    • Make sure no vapor escapes the bottle 
    • Empty the bottle onto a table surface 
    • Watch the vapor fall and bounce like a waterfall 

    Now that’s only the simplest of tricks and requires little-to-no skill or practice. Once you’ve given that a go, there are plenty more sophisticated party tricks you can learn to make your vaping experience fun. 

    What to Vape

    For your first time vaping, you need to know a bit about the different types of vapes. The rookie vape is the vape pen; this looks much like it sounds. It’s a long, cylindrical tube that you vape through in a similar way to a cigarette. 

    If you’re skilled with the vape pen and looking for some vaping help to enter the elitist market, it’s all about the vape mod. Vape mods are a recent invention known for their high levels of customization, exquisite flavor production, and large clouds of vape smoke. 

    There are different types of vape mod, but the most popular is the box. These are large and contain a powerful, removable battery. Box mods can be customized to provide low or high-power settings. 

    But the best thing about vape mods is the vast range available. Browse these mods to see exactly what will suit your needs. 

    The 101 on Vaping for Beginners

    Now you know all about vaping for beginners. Are you ready to pick up a new vape pen or mod? 

    Stick to the simple pen, or impress with vast clouds of smoke from a vape mod. Whatever you’re into, they’ll be something available. 

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