The Travel Gear You Absolutely Must Have For Your 2018 Journeys

    Summer is coming. With the weather warming and schools heading into their final leg, many families, students, and more are planning and prepping for their summer travels. If you’ve ever spent a lot of time on the road, you’ll know that it can be a heck of a lot of fun but also a whole lot of stress.

    When you’re away from home, you’re also out of your element. You may have forgotten to pack certain essentials, or you might end up in a country where you don’t understand the local language and culture. Lost luggage, uncomfortable night sleeps. So many issues can crop up while you’re on the road, and if you’re not careful, they could ruin your trip.

    Fortunately, we’ve put together a prep guide with several of the most useful gadgets and items for your 2018 summer travels. We pulled these products from Gadget Flow, the world’s leading curated shopping experience provider, so no matter which items you choose, you can rest assured that you’re getting some awesome stuff.

    Let’s jump to it!

    An 80 Language Personal Translator In Your Pocket

    In the literary classic “The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy” travelers could insert a ‘babel fish’ into their ears which would then translate every galactic language. Hitchhikers and travelers here on Earth don’t have access to anything that awesome, but the Travis 80-Language personal translator comes close.

    The Travis translator is the world’s first AI powered pocket translator and can put its dedicated quad core processor to work to provide instant translations. Equipped with 12 hour battery life, wifi and 3G and cased in a durable, travel ready body, the Travis translator makes for a great road companion.

    Smart Luggage for the Smart Traveler

    Long trips often mean a lot of luggage. Travel backpacks have grown quite popular over the years, but they can be a lot to tote around and because so much is crammed into so little, they can be unwieldy. That’s why many people are turning to “smart luggage”, such as the Vasco 7-Piece Smart Packing Luggage.

    The Vasco Smart Packing Luggage is a seven piece set that will allow you to keep your luggage organized. Compression zippers keep everything tight and each packing cube has its own purpose. For example, the shoe cube is designed to keep shoe odors and bacteria contained, while a toiletries bag will protect your stuff from spilled toothpaste and makeup. There’s a gadget bag as well.

    Another great option is the Bluesmart Series 2 Smart Luggage System. This smart luggage is so intelligent that it borders on genius. This set includes four different but all state-of-the-art bags, including a carry-on, the primary check in bag, a laptop bag, and a passport/ticket pouch. This makes it easy to stay organized.

    The carry-on bag features a built in supercharging battery, meaning if your smartphone or laptop is running low on power, you can charge it up quickly and easily. Not only that, but proximity sensors will alert you if you’re at risk of leaving your bag behind. The check and carry-on bags also feature remote locking, allowing you to ensure that everything is safely stored.

    Keep Your Gadgets Juiced on the Road

    There are tons of power banks out there that can charge your smartphone, and in some cases, even your laptop. However, the mophie powerstation USB-C XXL Power Bank might be the best of the bunch.

    This compact power bank is built for a rough life on the road, can charge gadgets via USB A and C, and a contains 19,500 mAh battery. To put that into context, your average laptop will have a battery weighing in at around 40 to 50 mAh. It’s a near mystery how mobie managed to pack so much power into such a small package.

    So yeah, with this power bank you can keep your laptop and smartphone charged. With Priority+ charging, this powerbank knows to keep your gadgets charged even at the expensive of itself.

    The Perfect Pillow Anywhere, Anytime

    Finding a good pillow while traveling is much akin to happening upon a unicorn. It simply doesn’t happen. Well, okay, sure some places do have nice pillows but if you’d have to suffer through subpar ones, you’ll have trouble thinking about anything but. A bad night’s sleep can ruin your day, with neck and back pain slowing you down.

    Fortunately, with the Aubergine Inflatable Pillow you can have the perfect pillow anywhere, any time. By leveraging the Bernoulli effect, this pillow is super simple and easy to inflate. A few quick puffs is enough. When you’re done, simply deflate and roll up tight.

    The Aubergine Inflatable Pillow features a tough but cuddly exterior and a fantastic ergonomic design. If you dread poor pillow experiences, make sure you check this inflatable pillow out.

    Conclusion: Prepare For Your Trip

    Poor packing and planning is the death of many would-be great vacations. Fortunately, packing right is easier now than ever before. If the above products don’t meet your potential pains, make sure you checkout Gadget Flow’s full travel collection. There are tons of useful items that you can bring along for the ride.


    • Jeremy Ryan Slate is the CEO and Co-founder of Command Your Brand Media, in addition he is the host of the top-rated podcast, Create Your Own Life.

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