The top hidden secrets when it comes to making your own business cards


    Have you ever been handed a business card that instantly grabbed your attention, looked sleek, modern, and professional all at once? Chances are that card was one you kept and didn’t throw out just for the fact it was so striking looking. It seems like some people are just naturals when it comes to design, or there’s a good chance that person actually hired a professional designer to make the cards for them.

    If you’re struggling to make your very own business cards and you want to make sure you present your brand well, it’s time to stop pressuring yourself. Instead, take a moment, relax, and check out these top hidden secrets that will help you design business cards that are professional, striking, and memorable.

    Research Examples for Inspiration

    For any type of project that you are about to take on, it’s always a good idea to do a little research in advance and look for examples. When it comes to business cards, find ones you like and ones you don’t like so you can learn from them. You can then take those examples and use them for inspiration when designing your own card.

    Keep the Design Simple and Sleek

    One mistake that people often make is trying to pack too much on a business card. The goal isn’t to plaster everything about your business on the card, rather it is to grab their attention and make your contact details very easy to find. A clean, simple, and sleek design will help your business to look professional.

    Create Your Own Logo

    Another tip is to create your own company logo that can be used on any type of material that is sent out to the public. It can be used on your website, flyers, emails, and your business card. This helps to create brand awareness and recognition, which is how you will grow your business.

    Double Then Triple-Check for Accuracy

    The last thing you want to do is create a killer design, then print your business cards only to discover you made a mistake with the contact information. The contact information is easily the most important aspect of the business card. What this means is that you need to double, then triple check that the information on the card is correct before you go ahead with the print job.

    Pick a Reliable Printer

    In order to make sure that your card looks professional, you’ll also need to pick a reliable printer. The Got Print website makes it possible for you to set up the print job online, get an instant proof online, and then approve it before going ahead with the order. You’ll be able to choose the size and stock allowing you to customize your cards.

    A Card that Will Help Your Business to Succeed

    It’s amazing to think that something as simple as a business card can have an effect on the success of your company, but that’s exactly the case. With that in mind, it’s well worth taking the time to make sure the card is as professional looking as possible.


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