The Top 5 Benefits of Targeted Email Marketing

    Ever since emails started evolving into a standard mode of communication in the ‘70s, they have continued to dominate the online ecosystem. In fact, their usage as an online address for internet users has transformed them into a powerful marketing avenue that no business can afford to ignore. 

    Earlier, it was very much possible to create a couple of emails and select a broad subscriber group to blast the message. However, that approach no longer yields results and can even lead to lowering your email deliverability or even getting unsubscribed if not marked as “spam.” Thus, every business needs to target its subscribers down to individual preference levels. Being in the business of providing targeted email marketing services, here are my two cents on the topic:

    1. Stay Relevant To Your Relevant Subscribers

    Today, it is possible to define content blocks based on the user data and pack exactly the most relevant data in your emails. For instance, you can track the user activity and purchase history when curating your email newsletters, and every subscriber will get only the relevant items in their version of the newsletter. The same applies to marketing emails, and therefore, all your messages will be relevant to your subscribers’ interests. 

    You can also implement hyper-personalization using the 360-degree customer data from across channels and past interactions to get a clear idea of their buyer persona to send highly targeted emails. It, in turn, allows you to implement dynamic micro-segmentation that results in a super-refined reader experience. Thus, you will be able to stay relevant to your most relevant subscribers and maximize their lifetime revenue.

    2. Get Maximum Possible Email Click-Through Rate

    As we saw in the above section, an increased relevance helps build a better perception of your brand. This also ensures that your messages are in line with their buyer intent and that they contain exactly what the subscriber wants to see. It will help you fetch maximum email click-through rate (CTR) as the subscribers will find it natural to take action. 

    In a way, this is an extended benefit of maintaining relevant, steady communications over a period of time while it will also allow you to draw non-monetary benefits such as diverting traffic to your website. Hence, it is in your best interest to send only relevant messages, and you may want to invest in targeted email marketing services since it gets complicated at times to set multi-level nested email automation workflows for a considerable subscriber base.

    3. Foster Positive Brand Image Among Your Leads

    Here’s one of the biggest benefits of targeted email marketing: Your subscribers will feel that you are directly communicating with them. This personal rapport keeps you in a better position when reaching out to them, as people tend to dislike generalized mass campaigns. However, most people appreciate hyper-personalized ads and messages, making it obvious that targeted emails help you foster a positive brand image. 

    This stands especially true for your leads since they haven’t experienced your products or services yet. As a brand, it is necessary to develop a healthy relationship with your subscriber base and to stay in their good books until they decide to make a purchase.  Your communication is the sole basis of their perception of your business, and thus, there’s no way you can overlook the importance of targeted in-mail messages. 

    4. Maximize Your Retention Rate

    Another benefit includes improving your retention rate as targeted emails cater to most of the needs of your subscribers. This reduces the chances of finding your messages vague or not worth their time while completely avoiding the scenario where you are no longer relevant to them. Studies have found that email lists face a churn rate of almost 50% in their first year, making it one of the top concerns for email marketers. 

    Having a proper strategy in place to cater to their needs goes a long way in minimizing the number of subscribers you lose over a period of time. This is especially crucial for sectors like real estate, where the sales cycle is quite elongated and requires extensive correspondence before the actual decision-making begins. 

    5. Optimize Your Email Marketing ROI

    Last but not least, ROI optimization is a natural result of targeted email marketing tactics as it helps you eliminate most of the challenges faced as a marketer. The increase in ROI is a cumulative result of the overall improvement in the rest of the email metrics. Thus, you can expect a considerable increase in your bottom line if you don’t have any customer targeting strategy currently or are simply getting started with it. 

    All you need is to capture 360-degree customer data with adherence to privacy norms and develop automation workflows that continuously add to your database while proactively engaging your subscribers. Also, you will need to tweak them from time to time so as to optimize your conversion rates and ROI at large.

    Summing Up

    It is noteworthy that despite the advent of multiple email marketing tools, few brands are able to harness targeted emails simply due to the fact that they don’t dig deeper into the nitty-gritty of the functionalities. It is in your best interest to undertake the required measures and implement targeted email marketing. I hope that you find the top five advantages of targeted email marketing worthy of your efforts in this direction. 

    About the Author: Kevin George is the head of marketing at Email Uplers, that specializes in crafting Professional Email Templates, PSD to Email conversion, and Mailchimp Templates. Kevin loves gadgets, bikes & jazz, and he breathes email marketing. He enjoys sharing his insights and thoughts on email marketing best practices on email marketing blog.


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