The Success Story Of Marketer And Realtor Chase Rogers

    Most new real estate marketers and realtors never make it through their investments because some overestimate income and underestimate expenses. The other reason why some realtors fail in this industry is that the real estate world developed in the internet-driven years, and they still rely too much on old industry platitudes that aren’t relevant. However, knowing when to pursue new tactics and when to follow conventional wisdom will help you create a successful real estate business from the beginning of your career. 

    Therefore, before investing money in marketing efforts, make sure you spend time planning and organizing yourself. The more organized you are, the higher your chances are of early success. 

    This article features the success story of Chase Rogers.

    Who Is Chase Rogers?

    Chase Rogers is a real estate realtor and marketer who loves personalizing marketing videos and getting the audience to engage or share for them to get as much outreach as possible. He cares about what his clients buy/sell to find something they will love and be in a good position when they decide to sell the property. 

    Chase graduated from the University of Michigan in 2013 with a degree in Kinesiology specializing in Sports management. He began having the passion of making it as a top realtor after watching the show Million Dollar Listing on Bravo. Chase started in the real estate space at 23 without sales experience amidst many challenges. However, he believed in the consistency principle to achieve success. He advises that marketers should always post their content on social media and IG stories as a constant reminder to the target audience. Chase helps establish credibility and his company allows him to network with other top agents. 

    How Chase Achieved His Success

    Chase epitomizes organization skills, passion, and honesty to exceed his clients’ expectations. He demonstrates exceptional attention to detail, an effective marketing plan, and skilled negotiation to get the most out of your home. Chase also helps his clients purchase their dream homes, helping them take the proper steps towards the home buying process. Chase’s marketing knowledge and communication skills allow his clients to trust him, and he can stand out from the competition. 

    After graduating, Chase made a name for himself by establishing a unique brand known as “ChasingTheDeal.” He also created high-level marketing videos and added an intro that catered towards his brand. Despite the challenges he faced while building his career, he did not give up. He got into the luxury market early on, offering more as a service and leveraging his connections. In the process, he converted one of the highest “floor call” sales in his agency to 2.25M. Fortunately, one day he received a call from a relocating family, and within one year, they ended up closing on a home for more than 2M. Moreover, he could leverage that sale to establish credibility and catapult him into the luxury market. This helped him close deals as big as 2M and 3M.

    Therefore, do not be left behind. If you want to know more about the real estate space, contact Chase on Instagram.


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