The Role of SEO in Business Growth-Conversion

    SEO is a tool used by companies or organizations to capture the number of prospective clients using online platforms in search of goods or services. The flow of user traffic to a business site determines its conversion rate. The major goal of SEO is to convert the traffic to sales.

    SEO is meant to help companies grow through linking of useful data and creation of new opportunities. The success of this digital marketing tool can be determined by the number of web form submissions, phone calls and map views on the direction page/section. It is also possible to monitor traffic and keep records of sales generated from the site.

    SEO isn’t valuable if growth isn’t quantifiable or notable. Thanks to Lead To Conversion agency for providing the below CRO tips before SEO can be used as a marketing strategy.

    How Does SEO Contribute to Conversion?

    There are people out there still looking for product or services and a company that has a well-structured online presence have a higher chance of winning their heart. Keyword selection, information distribution and linking of social sites are some of the ways used to rank sites high on search engines. Creation of new customers contributes to growth.

    Selling a brand name over the internet increases chances of dominating the online platform. Competition is on the increase and a strategy to remain vocal is welcomed by existing companies. SEO professionals are better placed to come up with ways of ensuring a brand name remains at the top in search engines. Keyword selection and placement are vital.

    Which Tools are Used to Enhance Growth?

    SEO professionals are well equipped as building traffic for sites is their major business. Businesses that look at the cost implication as a big deal miss out on the big picture of enjoying the benefits of outsourcing these services. SEO is a major marketing strategy which requires planning to achieve the goal of reaching out to more people.

    The tools that professionals work or improve on to enhance growth and conversion include:

    Keyword Research

    A keyword is not all about stuffing a certain word on the site hoping that there are possibilities of ranking high on search engines. SEO professionals have experience in word search and placement to create that high rank on the popular search engines. Keywords revolve around the site’s niche and creation of an opportunity.

    It is possible that a keyword that is working today might be outdated tomorrow. Involving an SEO professional in a digital marketing team can ensure such issues are taken care of. A layman can take an eternity to know which keyword is selling at what time and to which group.

    Analytics and Reporting

    There are knowledge and tools required to be able to analyze the site performance in creating traffic and generating sales. An SEO professional is better placed to do the site tracking and performance as compared to competing sites. Proper reports that show the performance of the site can only be generated if the tools are put to good use by informed personnel.

    SEO performance and growth of a business can only be determined after analysis and reports. The top management of any company may not understand the SEO process but can finance it if there are notable improvements in sales performance. Sales growth derived from SEO can be determined using analytical tools professionals use to track site performance.

    Technical Audit

    Technical audit of any site is important to monitor its outlook and general communication tools within the site. An SEO professional can identify if indexing is as it should be and if all product/services are well presented. Changes to improve the site performance can only be pinpointed if there is a proper technical audit.

    SEO agencies are also able to compare the site with that of competition to pick out what they are missing out in. Business is about outshining the competing parties and auditing a website against that of competitors is one way of keeping up with the moving trends.

    Link Research

    Links creation is an important step if SEO is used to compete with competitors to attract traffic to a business site. Researching on the links to be created and determining the number of mentions required is important when in a competition. An SEO expert understands current trends in the niche to keep up with the competition.

    Link research involves determining the platforms with potential opportunities where the company/organization can establish its presence. The keywords to be used should be relevant to the group of people targeted.

    Content Creation

    The kind of content availed on the site determines the traffic one attracts to their site. SEO professionals are better placed to create content that does not only attract traffic but also promotes sales.

    Creating quality content takes time as word selection is of importance. The content should not just be site filling but should target opportunities to get queries coming through to the company. It is possible to track the useful traffic that particular content has brought to the business. This is a good way of determining what kind of information users are looking for.


    Conversion is a valuable action in SEO as it determines the performance of this marketing tool. It is through the number of Web form submission, newsletter sign up, marketing video views and visits to the key web pages that one can determine the effects that SEO has on a company’s site and the business at large.


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