The Rise Of The Instagram Millennial “That One Blond Kid”- Jeremiah Davis: A Global Drone Videographer Working With The ChainSmokers

    Fortune favors the prepared mind. In his early-twenties, Jeremiah Davis was already part of the Chainsmokers team. His “Closer” lyric video that hit the 1 billion mark allowed him to interact with Alex Pall and Drew Taggart, the hardworking dudes shaking the world. Jeremiah does anything he can to ensure he gives his fans the rawest content and the best view of these Chainsmokers. The duo is passionate about inspiring people through their music in the most positive way possible, and Jeremiah is always on a trip with them, learning their hard-work element and making the best shots ever.

    How It All Started

    Jeremiah Davis, also known as ThatOneBlondKid, knew that photography was his thing. He had developed the art from his brother while he was still in high school. He developed his craft while in Azusa by learning how to edit his captured footage. Later, after walking the Camino de Santiago across Spain, he moved to South Africa, and then Fiji all through learning selfies and duck-face shots with his “crappy camera”.

    Jeremiah wanted to gain more knowledge. He learned how to pilot and shoot with a drone. One day while celebrating his 22nd birthday, his girlfriend surprised him with a birthday gift- a drone. The machine was wow, with an advanced quadcopter capable of shooting 4k videos. Jeremiah at once found an idea, “what if I make my Instagram feed look like Hollywood blockbusters b-roll?” And to his shock, likes started flowing in. Jeremiah developed confidence and began directly messaging strangers.

    Why You Should Never Despise DMs

    Jeremiah began sliding into very vital DMs. And in the process messaged a man, who little did he know, would open a big door to his life, Rory Kramer. Rory was impressed by the drone footage done by Jeremiah. And when an opportunity arose for the Chainsmokers to have a perfect match, Rory recommended Jeremiah as the best option.

    But what exactly does DMs help you with? According to Jeremiah, DMs will help you access instant networking opportunities. You can also connect with partners’ brands, potential influencers, and brand ambassadors. DMs will also help you build meaningful relationships and improve your brand recognition. It was a DM that landed Jeremiah a lucrative job with the Chainsmokers. And since graduating and leaving California’s Azusa Pacific University in May 2016, Jeremiah has never filled any job application.

    Dream Comes True

    Today Jeremiah tours the world with the Chainsmokers. If you get an opportunity to jump in his airport-bound Uber and steal his few moments, you will be surprised. You may find him headed to Miami or scheduled for Tokyo to work on an unannounced MTV project with Rory Kramer or preparing to recap videos from city to city.

    In every place the Chainsmokers go, whether it is in Asia or Europe, Jeremiah is always in their company. He travels with them anywhere in the world. And when the Chainsmokers are on stage, Jeremiah takes the best of his shots that will impress his fans. The union with the Chainsmokers has made him learn how to be hardworking to achieve his dreams. Good things indeed work for those who wait, but Jeremiah has learned that better things happen to those who work for them.

    Lessons To Learn From Jeremiah

    Here are a few lessons we can learn from Jeremiah.

    – Through persistence, anything is possible. If you try out something and it doesn’t work for you, don’t give up. Try again and again until you succeed in what you want to be.

    – Another lesson is that Success is not something you merely pursue or follow; it is something you attract by the person you become. Through his unique skills, Jeremiah landed a lifetime career without ever applying for a job.

    – It would help if you never despise humble beginnings. You may start small in building your business or your brand, but never despise those humble beginnings.

    – Every dream is valid and can come true. If you have a dream, hold on to the goal until it comes true.

    Today, Jeremiah Davis is one of the world’s successful trendsetters, entrepreneurs, tastemakers, and equal visionary parts artists. He has made waves in a variety of industries by sprinting into new roles with an eye for pop culture and a camera around his neck.


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