The Original Playboy, Hugh Hefner, Turns 90!

    First and foremost, we need to take this time to wish Hugh Hefner, the LEGEND and King of Playboy Enterprises, a very happy birthday! Let’s face it, this guy gets better with age. shutterstock_187226249

    Aside from being Hugh Hefner, the O.G bachelor we’ve grown to love, and one of the greatest party hosts of all time, ‘Hef’ has had some pretty big accomplishments in his lifetime. Not only is he responsible for launching the careers of many of our favorite leading ladies in Hollywood, his past has been filled with a surplus of seriously generous charitable acts and record-breaking achievements. I feel the most important thing we must pay homage to is that on this day, he turns 90 years old and is STILL dominating in his career.

    There’s a lot to be said for Hefner’s longevity. Check out these 9 things you probably didn’t know about Hugh Hefner and his empire:

    1. He worked for Esquire back in the day but quit when they wouldn’t give him a raise..
    2. He started Playboy with just $8000.
    3. He was voted “Most Likely to Succeed” in high school and had a genius IQ of 152.
    4. The PlayBoy Mansion has a zoo and is one of the only private homes to have a zoo license.
    5. Hef is a WWII Veteran.
    6. He owns the burial crypt next to the late Marilyn Monroe.
    7. In 2010, Hugh Hefner saved the iconic HOLLYWOOD SIGN! He donated the final $900,000 to preserve the land that it sat on to avoid the destruction of a prominent piece of history.
    8. He holds TWO Guinness World Records – one for being the longest running Editor in Chief (60+ year) and the other for his scrapbook collection.
    9. He has over 200 pairs of his legendary silk pajamas.

    And again… this has been just another confirmation that Hugh Hefner is, has been, and always will be THAT GUY.





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