The Only All-in-One Platform for Podcast Creation, Discovery, and Monetization

    StartAPod, a comprehensive online platform designed to help aspiring and existing podcasters create successful podcasts, launches this week. Combining the most important aspects of podcasting, StartAPod will help podcasters learn how to create a high-quality show, share their podcast with the world, and have a direct connection to potential ad revenue.

    StartAPod is the newest division of PodSearch, Inc., a company that provides a podcast discovery platform for listeners,, as well as a full-service agency, PodSearchAD, that specializes in podcast advertising. PodSearch CEO Dave Newmark states that while there are many training courses available, none have been designed by an ad agency with a core mission of enabling podcasters to generate revenue. Says Newmark, “StartAPod is the only complete solution for anyone who is interested in starting a podcast – with easy-to-watch training videos and guides, direct connections to experts for production, hosting, and podcast equipment, and access to potential sponsorships from a wide variety of advertisers.”

    According to Newmark, “We heard so many stories about people who had an idea for a podcast and got lost in a sea of YouTube videos that only gave superficial advice. Through our podcast advertising

    agency PodSearchAD, we buy airtime on thousands of podcasts,” he continued, “so we know what success looks like and want to give everyone who has an idea a fast path to getting started and, potentially, monetizing their show.

    Inspire engagement and respond

    “The power and allure of podcasting as a means of creative self-expression is self-evident,” says Newmark. “After all, about 100 million people listen to podcasts now, representing a 23% jump in just one year and the industry is poised for continued growth. Moreover, as an audio medium, the barrier to entry for content creation is relatively low. We want to lower it further still.” StartAPod is a simple-to-use platform that includes all of the following:

    Learn and Share

    • 6 courses – Idea, Production, Distribution, Grow Your Audience, Revenue, and Legal
    • 55 video lessons and detailed outlines, templates, checklists, and guides for each course
    • Easy-to-order gear packages
    • Access to a hosting service that makes episode distribution & audience measurement easy
    • Direct connections to expert production resources
    • Free listing on PodSearch


    • Inclusion in PodSearchAD’s roster for potential advertising/sponsorship opportunities
    • Insider tips from podcast advertising professionals on how to set up a podcast for success

    The StartAPod video courses are designed for ease of use – allowing prospective podcasters to learn at their own pace and based on their own needs and experience level. StartAPod will also inspire podcasters by showcasing interviews with a wide range of podcasters from the very small and niche to the large, mass-audience shows who tell their own stories about how they started and what they do to grow. StartAPod will be adding video lesson content on an ongoing basis, always keeping new podcast publishers up to date with the latest trends, stories, and information to keep them on a successful path.

    Memberships are available for $9.99/month with no long-term commitments or $99.90 per year (with two free months included). To learn more about StartAPod and to sign up, visit:

    About StartAPod:

    StartAPod was founded in 2019 in Los Angeles by digital audio pioneer, Dave Newmark. The company’s mission is to grow the podcast community through the first comprehensive platform that provides aspiring podcasters with all the tools they need to tell their stories. StartAPod also connects podcasters to advertisers, allowing podcasts of all sizes and topics the ability to generate revenue.

    For media inquiries, please contact:

    Frank Neill /Rebel Gail Communications

    [email protected] / 212.675.8557


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