The Most Unattractive Things Men Do – As Told By Women

    Recently, we asked men what they considered huge turn offs. They had a lot to say and women listened.

    Afterwards, ladies started asking New Theory to let their voices be heard and explain to the men of the world what they were totally not into.

    What the f*ck do women actually want? Is it the sweet guy, is it the bad boy? How is a man suppose to figure out whether or not he’s doing the right thing to win the girl he desires?

    To be honest, every woman is different so what’s good for one may not be necessarily what another is looking for.


    Women seem to pretty sure about what they don’t want. Gents, if you want some clarity on what will send a woman running, this is what they want you to know:

    “There are so many things but one that really bothers me is video games. I know his job is demanding and he’s constantly busy, but as soon as he gets home he grabs his iPad or turns on the PS4. That isn’t terrible but if we have plans and I have to tell him to stop playing and get ready he gets all moody and ruins the night because his mind is still in a different reality.”

    Sam, 25

    “When a guy assumes that because they’ve taken you out now you ‘owe them something’. And when guys cat call on the street- because yes, after you whistled at me and said, ‘hey ma’, I might consider turning around to give you my number…

    -Jessica, 25

     “If I ever get a follow up text of “??” When I haven’t answered the first text, you’re dead to me.”

    -Alyssa, 26

    “Let’s see where to start…. when they’re weirdly concerned about social media..Hello you’re a dude. Lay off Insta with your selfies, ya weirdo. I’m not the selfie type so you really shouldn’t be either. Bad communication skills/when they’re not man enough to be straight up with you no matter how big or small the situation is. When all they want do is text. Pick up the god damn phone and talk to me! If you want a pen pal, go to prison and find someone to write to you…”

    -Alexa, 25

    ” Being that I have been on every dating app and about 50+ dates since January… We could say things like I like cleanliness and non smokers, but girls who smoke won’t mind a smoker. Looks and personality shouldn’t be what we try to change in people but chivalry shouldn’t be forgotten. So lack of chivalry is a huge turn off.

    I went to meet a guy for ice cream and this guy was eating ice cream before I even got there ! Like, what the f*ck!

    I mean just being polite and putting a girl first.  When we say we don’t know what we want, we just don’t want to disappoint and like hearing you decide- that’s a turn on being decisive. So all in all, the biggest turn off is just forgetting that we are looking for the prince to come save us no matter how strong we say we are. We want you to make decisions, buy dinner, hold our hands in public; make us feel like we are princesses. Open the car door.  When you don’t- it’s just a disappointment and we will wonder where our real prince is.”

    -Jenette, 23

    “I dated a guy who was probably perfect in every way; kind, smart, so handsome, had a job, had his life pretty set. The one thing I could not stand about him was that he was too sarcastic. I noticed it on our first date but I thought he was just nervous. He would crack a joke about everything in life and it was annoying. Don’t get me wrong, sarcasm is great, I can be sarcastic too but he was over the edge. Long story short…too much sarcasm is the worst and I can’t deal with it.”

    -Jackie, 24

    “LAWD, where to begin? Just kidding!! Turn offs in a guy; bad relationship with his mother or any other member of his family. Smoking, cigarettes or weed or vaping- it’s all gross. Someone who doesn’t understand being tight with family, like helping out my mom was always a huge issue. A guy that has no plans for the future.”

    -Brittany, 25

    “When they lie to you or keep secrets from you because they think they are protecting you. I’m a big girl and I would much rather know the truth even if it would hurt than be lied to.”

    Samantha, 24

    “When they leave a trail of dirt, clothes, dirty dishes, tools, anything random -everywhere. Just put it back! Or clothes. In the hamper! Dishes..IN the sink. Full trash bag, goes outside, the garbage should not look like a game of Jenga. Etc. And don’t get mad when I’m folding laundry at 11pm when you could have been doing it for the last 5 hours! Really just being filthy in general (I live with 2 grown men and a 7 yr old girl, so my house usually looks like a bomb hit while I was at work) .. like no one has time to dust, or mop, or thoroughly clean when all my free time is putting dumb shit away. Other than that, my fiancé is bomb.

    -MaryKate, 25 

    ” I’m married, but before I was it was a lack of goals, drive and confidence. I never would have ended up with someone who wasn’t as ambitious as I was – so much so I broke up with someone over it. Also, someone who wasn’t family oriented. And that didn’t always mean wanting kids, but if a guy didn’t treat his family or even like my family, things weren’t going to work out.”

    -Kaylyn, 25

    “I’ve recently fallen victim to this. Constantly talking/bragging about his job, future plans and success but failing to once ask me any questions about myself or how I’m doing. And if I was asked or tried to chime in, the attention was quickly brought back to him somehow.”

    -Courtney, 25

    It’s such a turnoff when a man is afraid to communicate because he thinks you’re going to yell at him or scold him like you’re his mommy. My last boyfriend was like that. Everytime we had some argument or issue I’d tell him when I was free and ask him to call me whenever we could match those free times and we’d discuss it (we had a long distance relationship). He would always be like ‘but we’re talking about it now -through text -no. I don’t see why I have to call just to have you yell at me about something.’

    It’s just annoying because all of a sudden he’s a 6 year old who just doesn’t want to be scolded. Take it like a man and talk to me. Yell back if I yell at you. If we have love for each other then we’ll be mad for another day after all the yelling and come back apologetic and more loving.”

    -Amrutha, 25

    Fellas, as you can see women are very different. Your best bet is to be yourself… except if you’re an assh*le. If you’re an assh*le, just don’t even bother.


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      Ah, 25 year old women. They’ve left behind half of their immaturity, have grown attached to the remaining half, and it’s always a crapshoot which is which.

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