The Most Important Search Engine Ranking Factors You Should Pay Attention To

    Google has become one of the biggest search engines on the internet and this has led to several businesses seeking to place themselves on the top spot on Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs). A high ranking business on Google search page will enjoy a wide range of perks including improved traffic, improved business visibility, and overall improved bottom line. With the wide range of benefits associated with ranking high on search engine result pages, it is no wonder why many businesses are aiming for the top spot.

    However, as many businesses aim to rank higher, Google is also implementing new ways to improve user experience thus bringing into play several factors which will overall influence the search results presented. Currently, there are over 200 factors that are considered in deciding the ranking of websites on search engine pages. While all these factors play significant roles in the overall ranking of websites, attending Local Client Takeover local optimization will help businesses better understand that some factors are more valuable than others in boosting website visibility on search engine result pages.

    In this article, we will be providing snippets of Local SEO Training which addresses some of the most important factors that affect website ranking on search engine pages.

    To begin with, there is a need to understand what is meant by Search Engine Ranking Factors. Search Engine Ranking factors are the terms or rules which search engine ranking process abide by, that is, these rules guide the selection of which pages are shown on result pages and in what order.

    Knowing these factors can help local businesses better tailor their approach to search engine visibility, placing them in the right light for their target audience to see and patronize them.

    Having understood what Search engine ranking factors are, and the role they play for your business, below are the most important factors you should pay attention to.


    1.   Website Optimization for Technical SEO

    Website optimization for technical SEO is coming first on the list of important factors that should be considered for your website to rank higher based on several reasons. Considering the way search engines work, a properly optimized website is easily accessible and in turn, can be ranked higher and better.

    During the search process, there are three main important stages which are; 

    –    Discovery stage where the search engines find all the publicly available pages

    –    Crawling and indexing where the search engines extract the needed information from websites, discarding those that are irrelevant to the search

    –    The Ranking process which employs the use of ranking algorithms to determine which website comes on what page and in what order.

    With proper optimization in place, you can ensure that search engine bots can better access your website for specific search keywords which are particular to your business.

    1.   Website Security (HTTPS)

    Website security has become a huge issue in recent times, especially with the increasing reports of data breaches, hacks, and other security compromises. Website security guarantees that data and information of your website visitors are safe and encrypted. Websites with security measures in place are more likely to enjoy better chances of ranking higher on search result pages.

    1.   Domain Authority

    Domain authority is also an important ranking factor as search engines are more interested in knowing that your domain is both established, reliable, and trustworthy. The authority of a domain is based on some factors including the age of the domain, domain status, domain reputation, and overall domain authority which is calculated by an internal metric known as PageRank.

    1.   Mobile Friendliness

    An increasing number of internet users are exposed to smartphones rather than computers thus making it essential that businesses choose a mobile-friendly interface for their websites. For your business page to rank higher on search engine result pages, there is the need to consider the mobile-friendliness of your online platform.

    You stand a chance to lose as much as 67 percent of your potential website visitors if your website has not been optimized to be fully mobile-friendly, also, remember that if your website has not been optimized for mobiles, it will not show up in mobile search results.

    1.   Webpage Speed

    The speed of your website also plays an important role in the overall ranking of your website. Website speed has been a major factor determining webpage ranking for years and Google appears to be obsessed about making websites faster and pleasing the needs of consumers who are increasingly losing interest in online materials. Having a fast loading website is both great for you and your users as it drives more traffic to your website and also improves chances of conversion.


    While these above-mentioned factors play an important role in helping your local business rank faster, there is a need to ensure that they are done in combination with other SEO strategies to ensure better results.


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