The Importance of Getting Sober

    It’s alright if you’re new to this sober thing and are struggling with the thought of never drinking or doing drugs again! As a recovering addict, I completely understand. Everyone has their own path to take. However, if you stay sober, your life will improve a thousandfold. Here are the top advantages to keeping sober.

    Do you have sunken cheeks, red spots, or severe acne? Good news: in sobriety, your skin improves! Without ugly, harmful chemicals in your body, your complexion will improve dramatically, and you will regain weight in your face, making you seem lovely and healthy once more!

    Substance misuse has a significant impact on the body. Because you aren’t putting dangerous drugs into your body in sobriety, you will have more energy and feel more alert and focused! Not to mention that your inside organs will be able to rest after working so hard to metabolize the drugs and alcohol.

    You no longer have to live in continual turmoil since you are no longer concerned with obtaining money, obtaining drugs or alcohol, and then lying or manipulating to conceal your actions. You finally get a chance to sit quietly and unwind.

    Alcoholism disrupts sleeping patterns because it suppresses sleep, preventing a restorative, good night’s sleep. Though you may have difficulty falling asleep at first, you will soon be sleeping quietly through the night and feeling more refreshed the next day.

    We all have nights we don’t recall while addicted, but your memory will begin to improve quickly following detox. You won’t have to worry about what you did last night since your memory will be crisp and as good as fresh!

    When you’re sober and doing the right thing, you don’t have to worry about getting in problems with others or getting caught by the authorities. You’re clean, you have a job, you’re honest with people, you have a roof over your head, and you’re not worried about going through withdrawals – what else is there to worry about?

    Your family loves you and will forgive you in time, regardless of the wrongs you’ve done. It’s wonderful to be able to spend time with family on holidays and other events without having to worry about your drug or alcohol usage. They will be able to rely on and trust you, and because you have money, you can even give them birthday gifts!

    You may try new activities, go to new places, and build a zest for life beyond addiction. You will finally have the ability to grow in life since you will no longer rely on narcotics to survive each day. There is nothing stopping you. Climb that mountain, snorkel in a coral reef, and go to a different nation! What exactly are you waiting for?

    Photo by Japheth Mast


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