The Future Has Arrived: The New Apple TV

    We’ve been extremely patient while Apple continually tempts us with the latest advancements, sky­-high expectations, and rumors of invention as Steve Jobs famously proclaimed to his biographer that he “finally cracked it!” Cracked what you ask? Cracked “It.”

    1The Apple TV, which could turn out to be the most revolutionary product and upgraded device from Apple, has officially hit the market and it’s changing the industry once again by­ embracing the evolution of not just technology, but how our generation perceives home entertainment.

    The promise of an integrated television set, combined with the powerful branding behind Apple, bears all the potential for the new Apple TV to emerge as the center vortex for every home’s entertainment system. Individuals have awaited the efficiency of convergence for at least 20 years now as competitors like Google and Microsoft have been deterred by tech challenges, none have quite matched this breakthrough. Bottom line, everyone is out to create a new wave while leading at the forefront. The goal is redundant, yet elusive. All major trademarks are bidding to reinvent TV with the exact same vision in mind. However, simply because it’s Apple, it’s better! With the easiest navigation of an interface you could imagine, voice control, touchpad remote, and exclusive partnerships, the blueprint for modern media streaming has been laid out by the universal search of zillions of apps from various TV networks and supported service providers including videos, music, and games.

    Categories are endless and so seems the impressive abilities of the hardware. The idea was to establish a box capable of adapting as new waves of content expand and ripen for delivery right into your living room. Setup for this type of engineering typically requires inconvenient entering of Wi­-Fi passwords, iCloud credentials, and blah, blah, blah….

    With the fresh tools and strategies of the Apple TV, you just grab your iPhone with iOS 9.1 and Bluetooth, and it automatically imports all the necessary information and data to get online quickly and get started! No real process required. This is super beneficial for those lack-luster tech-nerds as any average joe can figure it out.

    The real action though is in the tvOS and Siri Remote­ which truly provides the experience given to you by your beloved iPhone. The remote is a sleek black rectangle with a glass touchpad featuring home, menu, play, and volume buttons. It also features an accelerometer and gyroscope, plus dual microphones for voice capturing and commands to optimize all of the elements of your favorite mobile toy reworked for television.

    The visual attraction of the multi-layered aesthetic of the iOS translates accordingly as 3D effects subtly splash across your television. It appears very polished and futuristic, while maintaining access for easy and fun exploration.

    As a consumer, I found the Apple TV to be the ultimate dream-come-true package for within my man cave. Whether I am using the functions for sports, gaming, or my failed attempts at “Netflix and chill” with a lady friend, the Apple TV impresses the masses while providing me a hub for all my entertainment!

    I can’t believe how far expert progressions have come. It doesn’t seem that long ago families gathered around one black-and-white television, one household computer, or one giant Zack Morris cellular phone, but together this is couch surfing for the new age of technology.

    Good luck venturing outside again!


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