The Comforts Only Enjoyed by Psychologists

    When it comes to picking the right career, there are a lot of factors that young people take into consideration.  Being a psychologist happens to be one of the best courses that young people should take into account. Before you apply for your online PhD psychology course, it’s essential that you understand the benefits of being a psychologist.  Every profession is different in its own way, and its merits and demerits vary from one career to another. Every aspiring student in any disciplines plans on looking at the sweet fruits of the course they are doing.

    If you talk to experienced psychologists who enjoy their profession, then you will be given a detailed overview of the course and the professional life of a psychologist. Apart from a working environment that allows you to help people you have the opportunity to grow professionally when you are a psychologist. Below we look at some of the core merits of being a psychologist in the millennium:


    • Helping Others


    If you have a passion for helping others, then you should greatly consider taking a psychology course in college. Being a psychologist gives you an opportunity to help many people in society. Many professions have minimal social interaction, but with psychology, you will get a chance to enjoy maximum interaction among individuals of different personalities and backgrounds.  Of course, it’s very challenging dealing with different people, but the job is very fulfilling when you go back home believing that you changed someone’s life for the better at the end of the day. You can compare the work of a psychologist to that of community work or giving back to society.


    • Your Work Schedule is very flexible


    Studies that were done in the United States of America by Occupational Outlook Handbook and later published by the Department of Labor showed that one in every three psychologists are self-employed. Just like any other self-employed, you will enjoy the freedom of working and being your own boss if you operate your own psychology therapy practice. This means you have the opportunity to set your working hours depending on your schedule. You will have an opportunity to enjoy an enriching career with no worry of lacking enough time to spend with your family and friends.  This doesn’t mean that the employed psychologist has rigorous working hours. They also enjoy flexible working hours though not compared to the self-employed ones; they, however, have opportunities to set working hours which suits their societal demands.


    • Potential of higher income


    We can’t ignore the fact that, most people are motivated by money when it comes to choosing a career. However, many professionals in the HR industry discourage young people from choosing careers based on the possibility of earning a lot of income in the future. So, what is the annual salary of a practicing psychologist? According to research studies, the average income of psychologist ranges from $50,000 to $100,000 in a year. Some psychologists have even opted to practice their practice part-time and dedicate the extra hours to their family and friends, while still enjoying a decent income from their career.  It’s very important for one to hold advanced degrees so that you can have an opportunity to increase your income. More years of experience and advanced professional certifications will definitely put you on a higher income bracket. Completing your undergraduate course doesn’t mean you are a psychologist and you will probably face lower salary offers? This means moving to masters’ level, doctorate and online PhD level will be your best shot.


    • Running Your Own Business


    If you have an entrepreneurial spirit and love working for yourself, then being a psychologist should be one of the careers you have in mind.  Being self-employed as a psychologist gives you an opportunity to run your own professional business. Those psychologists who have their own practice, have 100% control of their professional career.  Specializing in fields like education, forensic and industrial organization: offers many opportunities for psychologists to enjoy working as private consultants.


    • Challenging working environment


    The type of working environments you are subjected to can determine whether you will have career growth or not. Many professions want to work in environments that are very challenging so that they can have access to many opportunities for growth. The working environment experienced by psychologists is very challenging and diverse at the same time. In a nutshell, psychologists don’t have a boring working life. If you opt to be a psychologist in the clinical department, then you must be ready to face daily challenges when helping your patients solve their daily problems.  More unexpected demands and obstacles are faced by psychologists who are in other sectors like sports and forensic. These factors show that indeed psychology is one of the challenging professions in the market and very stressful for many. However, this should not discourage you. In fact, you should look forward to the intellectual challenges you will be facing each day in your line of work, which will end up making your professional life more exciting.


    • The type of people you meet


    Each profession has a different level of social interaction. If you are a social person who loves the company of people then joining the elite team of psychologists won’t be a big deal. Apart from getting an opportunity to meet different people each day, as a psychologist, you will be given an opportunity to work with these people, help them overcome their problems and be able to reach their full potential as individuals. Your challenging working environment also gives you the chance to observe and monitor the progress that your patients are making. At the end of the day when you see the success of your patients, you will have a sense of accomplishment.  Be prepared to deal with all kinds of people. Your patients are not limited to a certain age bracket, race or cultural background. This means psychology is one of the few professional disciplines that are universal and have proven to be super beneficial to people from around the world.


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