The Best Phone Number Provider For A Lucrative Business

    Businesses today have an insurmountable amount of tasks to keep up with. From handling customers to dealing with client’s, companies need an effective communication channel to operate without chaos, and hopefully, thrive with promising profits soon.

    One of the communication channels that remains effective today is the direct phone call channel. In a recent survey found in the Bluesource UK, businesses with effective communication practices are 50% more likely to report employee turnover levels below the industry average.

    The article also suggests that 28 % of employees reported poor communication as the primary cause of failing to deliver a project within the deadline. It suffices to say from the above data that you must seriously consider getting your business acquainted with the best business phone number provided to avoid losing out on lucrative prospects.


    Now that we know the importance of having a business phone system let’s go through some of the options available for you to implement.

    Virtual Phone System

    Virtual phone systems work fantastically by creating a professional image for your business while using your mobile line. Virtual phone numbers are known for their ability to connect business phone numbers to remote workers through their mobile phones. Calls made by clients on the business phone number is forwarded to the designated employees number. Hence, allowing the employees to attend to the clients urgent calls.

    This single feature alone can improve a companies reputation by leaps and bounds. A happy client is the one who is always entertained promptly by the business enterprise. Other features that make Best Virtual Phone systems shine are automated receptionists, online faxing, call screening and voice mail. Suffice to say that a virtual phone number is perfect for businesses with a large group of employees working remotely for the enterprise.

    VoIP Phone Systems

    VoIP phone systems allow to communicate using a simple internet connection. VoIP phone systems employ such robust features such as automated attendants, computer integration and call queues. Like Virtual phone systems, VoIP also allows remote workers to have access to business phone systems through their mobile phones. It is perfect for businesses who want a sophisticated phone system with a simple configuration at an affordable price. It is very easy to use and configure.

    There are two types of VoIP systems;

    On-Premise VoIP Phone Systems

    • All the Equipment required is maintained within your business.
    • As the equipment is purchased upfront, it is more expensive.
    • Your personal IT staff is responsible for repairs, maintenance whatsoever of the system.
    • Perfect for businesses who seek full control of their system and are not sold on the idea of a cloud-based phone system.

    Cloud-Based VoIP system

    • Hardware equipment is not employed, as everything is remotely handled via the cloud.
    • As cloud-based systems are known for their operability without hardware, there is no extra cost to be undertaken regarding maintenance and repairs.
    • One of the captivating features of this system is that it enables the addition of new lines and allows access to new features and giving more flexibility.
    • Businesses only have to pay a monthly fee to acquire the benefits of this service.

    While there are many Business Phone number providers recommend, there is one in particular that has proven consistently why it is the best option available today. We are talking about CallHippo.

    The Benefits of using Callhippo

    CallHippo has many of the features that make it an ideal choice for businesses looking for an effective communication channel.

    • Call Transfer: This feature allows the redirection of a call from a business phone number to one of your employees, thus ensuring clients are entertained promptly
    • Call – Conference: Conveniently adds a third user to a normal two-way call which enables a conference call.
    • Call Queue: Allows you to hold an important call online, while you are busy attending other calls.
    • Call Barging: This feature allows a supervisor who is secretly monitoring the call to interfere in an ongoing call.
    • Acquiring Local Phone Numbers: Callhippo helps its users to get local phone numbers in over 58 countries, thus enhancing the companies local goodwill.
    • Collaboration: It greatly facilitates team management by managing clients, calls and teammates instantly.
    • Call Analytics: The analytics feature helps track a businesses phone support performance, Measures the % of missed calls, call load of each teammate etc.

    Other features include call recording, voicemail and on-hold music.

    Final Thoughts

    It is an understatement to state that business phone systems are important. So much of an enterprises future depends on the business having a robust communication channel. A business phone number presents a business to its prospects in a professional manner. Having a virtual phone number that attends to your customers and clients is a guaranteed way to build a reputation for your company that will garner huge profits.


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