The 6 Crucial Project Management Steps With Magento And Salesforce CRM Integration

    Talking about this sort of integration, one must firstly remember that both options are complex environments that need to be covered in detail to make the pathway towards the desired end result as perfect as possible. There cannot be any sort of compromise on this, whatsoever. The two general areas to focus your time on are project management and technical development. However, before you focus on the former, make sure that project requirements such as the need of a specific team or even relevant functionality are looked into, before anything else.

    Once all the requirements have been defined and taken care of with the Magento system being drawn out and magento development services being dealt with, all the focus should shift towards ensuring that the technical process goes exactly as planned. After all, when it is concerning several teams and platforms at once, you would ideally want the process to be as smooth and pain-free as possible. With that out of the way, let us delve into the 6 crucial project management steps that need to be taken:-

    • Sorting out the communication channels: One of the most strenuous tasks out there is dealing with several teams at once while working towards a common goal. Hence, the answer to solving that problem lies in a well thought-out and structured communication system between the client and development teams with no room for any loopholes. Plus, identifying point persons in each team will lead to quicker and more quality solutions.

    • The responsibility matrix: Now, one needs to focus on breaking down tasks into specific categories and the assignment of specific responsibilities. Here, each of the teams need to know what is expected of them at every step of the way. That can only happen once properly-defined and clearcut responsibilities are chalked out at the beginning.

    • The aspect of risk mitigation: Doing this will save you a great deal of discomfort and headache with regard to dealing with multiple teams working on different platforms. One must always be sure to dig deep in every aspect and possibility so that the reaction time and reaction itself can be gauged accordingly.

    • Development steps: Usually starting from the get go, this process in particular should always be done before the clear definition of responsibilities. The implementation steps only start once both risks and responsibilities have been set and defined well. For those of you who are still wondering, the next two pointers delve into the steps in detail.

    • Testing cycles: Checking on key process components is certainly not something that can be disregarded or forgotten about under any circumstances. Spending time on functionalities is all very well, but one also has to ensure that they are test-ready. Failing to do so can become extremely time-consuming at a later stage. Hence, testing cycles can achieve an optimum level of productivity by defining and revisiting key frameworks.

    • The release procedures: While working on multiple platforms, the changes that are being released need to be taken note of. This has a direct effect on processes through various applications. Once a particular publication has been thoroughly planned, all teams can adhere and follow a tightly-defined process.

    With all the above specifics taken care of and in place, your respective development teams can be engaged accordingly and the final part of the process can be taken care of. This is basically the development steps, testing cycles, release procedures and the like, but there is a lot more to things than initially meets the eye. You can be positive of that fact. 

    On that very note,  the next step is the overall implementation and development of what you have planned in the first place. Then again, once the groundwork has been set, things will become a lot smoother and easier in this regard. For the completion process, you will need to use SOAP or REST API’s for both Salesforce and Magento CRM. API descriptions and documentations on both ends will need to be consulted to determine which areas of the applications to fetch.


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