Telehealth Leader SmileDirectClub Announces New Lifetime Smile Guarantee™

    SmileDirectClub has cemented its reputation as a leader within the aligner space by repeatedly issuing innovative solutions for customers. Earlier in April 2021, the company once again announced an innovative solution with the introduction of the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™.

    The Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ Provides Assurance After Aligners

    The purpose of the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ is to give customers assurance that their smiles will remain beautiful long after their aligner treatments cease. The guarantee helps ensure that customers can always maintain the smile they desire, for as long as they remain eligible for the guarantee program.

    To remain eligible for the guarantee program, SmileDirectClub customers must successfully complete an aligner treatment and then continue to use retainers after the treatment. Since the company doesn’t monitor at-home retainer use, the actual eligibility requirement is to purchase two retainers each year from SmileDirectClub. 

    As long as customers meet the retainer purchase requirement, they’ll remain eligible for the guarantee program. The program is lifelong for those who continue purchasing and using retainers. In theory, the use of retainers should mitigate the need for future aligners.

    Should a customer who’s eligible for the guarantee need aligners again, however, the guarantee provides one free aligner set per year. Customers simply need to obtain confirmation that aligners are needed from a dentist or orthodontist, and then they can claim a free set under the guarantee program. This can be repeated each year whenever aligners are necessary.

    SmileDirectClub is the First to Offer a Lifetime Guarantee on Aligner Treatment

    SmileDirectClub is the first aligner treatment provider to offer a lifetime guarantee on its treatments. In this innovative move to add value for customers, the company not only extends cosmetic smile protection but also helps customers’ general health.

    From a cosmetic perspective, the Lifetime Smile Guarantee™ ensures that customers remain happy with their smiles. While creating a beautiful smile at the conclusion of an aligner treatment is good, maintaining that smile is a different challenge because teeth continue to shift throughout life. The guarantee provides customers with reassurance that they’ll maintain their straight smiles long after they complete an aligner treatment.

    From a medical perspective, the importance of maintaining a straight smile goes beyond mere aesthetics. Straight teeth help minimize the risk of chronic gum inflation, which has been linked to chronic diseases including diabetes, coronary artery disease and rheumatoid arthritis.

    In providing a guarantee program that potentially lasts for a customer’s entire life span, SmileDirectClub has once again shown that it’s the leading company in this space. It’s certainly the first to offer such reassurance.

    SmileDirectClub Has Been Leading in the Aligner Space for Years

    Being the leader within the aligner industry isn’t new to SmileDirectClub. The company was founded in 2014 with the revolutionary idea to provide aligners via telemedicine services, and the company has continued introducing new innovations to the industry ever since.

    The concept of providing aligners via telemedicine greatly streamlines the treatment process, making aligners and the straight smiles they produce more accessible. Technological efficiencies make these aligners available for much less than what traditional braces or other aligner treatment cost, and people who would’ve otherwise been unable or struggled to afford aligners now have access to them. SmileDirectClub has been able to reach many customers in the United States and to serve customers in other countries, thanks largely to the reduced prices that they can charge.

    After the company began offering telemedicine aligner treatments, its next major innovation was the Comfort Sense aligners. Compared to other aligner solutions, Comfort Sense aligners feature laser-cut edges and a more uniform design. This results in more comfortable wear because the aligners don’t dig into the gums, and it’s a more precise treatment option.

    SmileDirectClub also built what is now the most impressive aligner production facility in the world. The facility is among the largest 3D printing facilities in North America, and all Comfort Sense aligners are made at the facility. 

    About SmileDirectClub

    SmileDirectClub was founded in 2014 and publicly listed on the Nasdaq (Ticker: SDC) in 2019. The company provides teeth-straightening aligners via telemedicine services, offering customers convenience and affordability that has been previously unavailable within the industry.


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