Telehealth: How Your Business Can Improve Employee Mental Wellness


    Many companies only care about the physical health of their employees. They offer gym memberships, health insurance, and other benefits to make sure their employees stay at the top of their game. 

    However, physical health is not always the problem. Sometimes, mental health can take a significant toll on a person’s abilities and behavior. While most companies did not recognize it before, they surely are coming around now. Also, businesses are more motivated to provide help to their employees through telemedicine mental health services.  

    What Is Telehealth

    Telehealth is a great leap into the future of medical care. The term refers to providing proper health care to people through digital means. That means you can get software or applications that can assist you with a variety of health problems, eradicating the need to visit a doctor’s office.

    No one enjoys waiting endlessly for their turn to see a doctor, whether it’s for dental, physical, mental health. That is why many companies started to provide the service. 

    While these apps can be used for a variety of medical reasons, they are mostly being used for mental health care. Software of this kind can help people live a healthier life through various methods and coping strategies. The medical healthcare experts properly screen the users to find out who needs what type of care, since every person is unique.


    Some companies have finally realized that their employees can work much better if they are completely mentally healthy. That also includes low-stress levels. Since then, there has been a rise in mental health services providers that are using telehealth methodology to help companies take better care of their employees. After all, happy employees lead to better business. 

    That is why you should contact mental health services that offer apps and software to boost employee mental wellness.

    Why Should You Use Telehealth?


    The top benefit of telehealth to employers is that it can reduce their budget for healthcare services.

    Your employees can have access to software and apps that can help them with their medical needs very easily. If your employees stop going to hospitals, they will use their insurance benefits far less. 

    Not only that, but your employees will even avoid going to the emergency room more often. That alone can save a substantial amount of money for your company.

    Better Access

    Many areas in the country don’t have access to proper health care. Mostly the rural areas, and sometimes the urban too. 

    The reason why their residents don’t get the best medical attention is that there aren’t many doctors in town. Some areas get lucky if they have a big clinic or a hospital, but most of them generally have one or a couple of doctors. They usually have to travel to a bigger town for treatment.

    But telehealth can make everything much better for your employees. It can give them access to better medical care right from their own homes.

    Incredibly Convenient

    Telehealth apps use simple technology to keep patients and physicians connected. Fortunately, it is available 24 hours a day, and your employees can use it anywhere. 

    Depending on the apps you use, your employee will either have to call a telehealth hotline or go on the internet to talk to a physician. But before that, they might have to speak to a nurse who can help the medical professionals determine what is wrong and to whom the patient should be referred to.

    Reduce Medical Leaves

    A fantastic benefit of providing telehealth service to your employees might be that they will take fewer leaves from work.

    If anyone of your employees wants to go to a doctor’s appointment, they might 2 to hours very easily. If your employees have a lot of work, then they might have to wait for the weekend to see a doctor. But things can get much better for them with telemedicine.

    Other Ways to Promote Mental Wellbeing

    Improve Indoor Conditions

    There are many factors inside an office that can influence the mental health of your employees—the primary ones being air quality, lighting, temperature control, and the view. 

    It would benefit if you let the employees control the temperature to their needs. Also, having some natural light in the office instead of the indoor fixtures can be beneficial to your employees’ health, and even your electrical bills.  

    Encourage Them to Take a Breather

    When your employees are cooped up at work all day, they might start to feel stressed, depressed, and dull, among other things. But if you regularly encourage your employees to go out during their breaks, then they can feel more refreshed, and it will benefit their mental health as well. 

    It might help if your office has an outdoor garden area where they can come to take a breather.


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