TAVOLA TOURS | Best Culinary & Cultutral Tour Specialist Eastcoast USA | 2022

    Emilia Romagna 2022 FINAL PDF

    BIG NEWS! All of us at Tavola Tours are very excited to announce that for the second year in a row we have won an award from the prestigious LUXlife Magazine.  This year we were awarded best Culinary and Cultural Tour Specialist Eastcoast United States. 


    Travel and tourism contribute trillions of dollars a year to the global economy and it provides millions of jobs for people around the world. Therefore as the borders open and travel commences once again we at Tavola Tours are super enthusiastic to be a part of this exciting time in the travel industry. Our tours are carefully curated culinary and cultural adventures in Italy.

    Piazza del Nettuno (Neptune), Bologna

    We were awarded and recognized for our unique boutique itineraries that include the best of the famous tourist sites to off-the-beaten-path experiences with locals that extend far beyond the busy tourist crowds. All this culminates in a true experience of a lifetime.

    Chef Franco Lania and partner Joan Marie Scott had an idea back in 2016 to create a travel company that will offer people a complete yet different experience in Italy. Out of their great love for Italy and both of them being “foodies,” Tavola Tours was born.  Now as the pandemic finally subsides it will be back to business for the tourism industry and Tavola Tours is getting ready to begin a new and exciting post-pandemic chapter too.

    This award from LUXlife Magazine is a great honor. Our entire team in the USA and Italy are very grateful to be recognized for our steadfast commitment to offering very special culinary and cultural itineraries to our guests. Without the support of our loyal travelers and the followers on our active Facebook business page, we would not have achieved the success or have received this prestigious award for the second year in a row. See our latest itinerary for Emilia-Romagna by clicking on the PDF file at the bottom of this article.

    We cordially invite all of you to join our Facebook page and to keep checking our website for the newest and up-to-date content about future tours and receive great Italian inspiration! You also can send any of your questions or comments to [email protected]. We look forward to hearing from you and seeing you on a fabulous new Tavola Tours adventure in the very near future.

    Click on the PDF file to see our Emilia-Romagna autumn adventure.
    Chef Franco Lania & Joan Marie Scott at a cafe in Scalea, Italy.

    Click the PDF file above to view the itinerary for our “Breadbasket of Italy” autumn adventure to the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy. 


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