Take Control: 5 Easy Tips To Live A More Positive Life

    Of course, we are all bound to have the occasional mood swing or experience a bad day here or there, but do you have any idea how destructive a negative thought can potentially be? A lot of us lack full comprehension of this concept.

    Negative thoughts lead to negative habits. Besides the fact that they can hinder you from confidently pursuing your dreams, negative ideas send your self-esteem plummeting into the depths of hell, and shackle you to a life of self-inflicted mediocrity. Kaboom! That’s the sound of your ultra-critical mentality blowing up your path to success into smithereens. “I can’t” are words that should cease to exist in your vocabulary. Forever. It’s time for a change..


    Here are 5 steps to help you begin your journey on the path of positivity:

    Train Your Brain

    You possess the power to convince yourself that you’re the most amazing person to ever set foot on this planet. Start reciting uplifting statements about yourself every single day: “I am fearless, gutsy and nothing will stand in my way!” You are the only one who can stop you… or help yourself; so lead yourself in the right direction. The choice is yours.

    Weed Out Negative Energy

    Energy is contagious. If you regularly hang out with someone who always has a stormy cloud hovering over him or her, you will be yanked under it as well. How can you tell if someone is radiating a negative aura? You will know. After spending time with them, if you find yourself drained and fatigued, it’s time to separate yourself from them. On the other hand, positive people leave you emboldened and inspired.

    Flip Your Perspective

    Every situation, no matter how sinister, has an upside. What new knowledge of self will you bring into your next relationship after that devastating break-up? How can that job layoff guide you to newer, better horizons? Pick up some motivational books and continuously instill that mindset upon yourself.

    Don’t Believe Your Own Deception

    Consider this analogy: You’re walking in an unknown neighborhood in the darkest of night. You get frightened as you see a shadow dancing under the moon. You gasp, “It’s a psycho-killer!” An overwhelming sense of fear paralyzes you. But, in reality, that big bad “killer” was just a bush swaying in the wind. In the same way, self-criticism arises when darkness casts a veil over the truth, which is that you are competent and you are awesome. When you find yourself thinking negatively, close your eyes. Visualize yourself pinned by these distorting thoughts, paralyzing you from reaching your full potential. Slowly unpin each self-deprecating thought, one by one, and free yourself from immobility. Do this every time. Trust me, it works.

    Write Down Your Blessings Daily

    Your blessings definitely outweigh your misfortunes, but for some reason, you either can’t see that or you can’t help but focus on the negatives. So what’s the best way to remind yourself about the gifts you take for granted? Jot them down regularly and read them all before you retire for the night.


    By simply implementing these tips into your everyday routine, you’ll be well on your way to a new and improved lifestyle!


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