Survey of 2017 Happiest Places to Live

    We all are in search of happiness, lets face it. Especially in the U.S., our Declaration of Independence makes that very clear. However, happiness is not so easy to achieve on its own.  But you can seek out places where you may have a better chance for happiness.

    A recent study conducted by Wallet Hub, where we live may have an effect on our happiness.   “WalletHub’s data team drew upon the various findings of positive-psychology research in order to determine which among 150 of the largest U.S. cities is home to the happiest people in America. We examined each city based on 30 key indicators of happiness, ranging from depression rate to income-growth rate to average leisure time spent per day. Read on for our findings, methodology and expert commentary from a panel of researchers” as per the study.

    Click on the interactive map below to possibly find happiness:

    Source: WalletHub

    Happiest Places to Live

    Overall RankCityTotal Score‘Emotional & Physical Well-Being’ Rank‘Income & Employment’ Rank‘Community & Environment’ Rank
    1Fremont, CA77.55211
    2San Jose, CA75.791315
    3Irvine, CA70.99596
    4San Francisco, CA69.2032101
    5Sioux Falls, SD67.6310213
    6Huntington Beach, CA67.3261145
    7San Diego, CA65.808740
    8Oakland, CA65.52434119
    9Santa Rosa, CA65.29201523
    10Washington, DC65.1413665
    11Chula Vista, CA64.82152717
    12Santa Clarita, CA64.79172929
    13Scottsdale, AZ64.6134122
    14Garden Grove, CA64.35114543
    15Madison, WI64.28281322
    16Gilbert, AZ63.873749
    17Overland Park, KS63.86321720
    18Anaheim, CA63.48143762
    19Plano, TX63.43301441
    20Glendale, CA63.43167027
    21Seattle, WA63.1625576
    22Austin, TX63.01123374
    23Raleigh, NC62.8874681
    24Minneapolis, MN62.59920125
    25St. Paul, MN62.43193880
    26Lincoln, NE61.95314837
    27Oceanside, CA61.83188036
    28Chandler, AZ61.68391039
    29Aurora, CO61.41225263
    30Peoria, AZ60.8649228
    31Oxnard, CA60.56337713
    32Honolulu, HI60.352919108
    33Boise, ID60.23481630
    34Grand Prairie, TX60.2257364
    35Aurora, IL59.94426210
    36Los Angeles, CA59.91244997
    37Denver, CO59.25277986
    38Tempe, AZ59.12442468
    39Durham, NC59.052650106
    40Long Beach, CA59.052195110
    41Charlotte, NC59.0545967
    42El Paso, TX58.72357553
    43Rancho Cucamonga, CA58.6969851
    44Cape Coral, FL58.65436328
    45Santa Ana, CA58.422372129
    46Colorado Springs, CO58.41654116
    47Garland, TX57.93416067
    48Des Moines, IA57.90369172
    49Salt Lake City, UT57.43466948
    50Irving, TX57.33503193
    51Omaha, NE57.27475770
    52Yonkers, NY57.253855123
    53Mesa, AZ57.12524771
    54Fort Worth, TX57.06618825
    55Boston, MA56.934025126
    56Grand Rapids, MI56.90743931
    57Orlando, FL56.79548644
    58Virginia Beach, VA56.32678133
    59Portland, OR56.11811866
    60Port St. Lucie, FL56.10739811
    61Anchorage, AK56.085553107
    62Fontana, CA56.03893024
    63Reno, NV55.83684078
    64Riverside, CA55.78872360
    65Pembroke Pines, FL55.58716857
    66Chesapeake, VA55.33907812
    67Jersey City, NJ55.176261112
    68Henderson, NV54.961023526
    69Arlington, TX54.955610187
    70New York, NY54.66668389
    71Nashville, TN54.63859919
    72San Antonio, TX54.55797154
    73Greensboro, NC54.33788750
    74Huntsville, AL54.29948918
    75Tacoma, WA54.147553114
    76Tallahassee, FL53.97867355
    77Glendale, AZ53.9359106109
    78Sacramento, CA53.906451128
    79Laredo, TX53.666311658
    80Kansas City, MO53.52826579
    81Lubbock, TX53.321013283
    82Moreno Valley, CA53.03958546
    83Atlanta, GA52.9751114122
    84Tucson, AZ52.707211075
    85Phoenix, AZ52.6760115118
    86Dallas, TX52.6253103135
    87Chicago, IL52.5758120116
    88Ontario, CA52.579264103
    89Vancouver, WA52.27994285
    90Lexington-Fayette, KY52.11969261
    91Oklahoma City, OK51.951147414
    92Albuquerque, NM51.7710010832
    93Winston-Salem, NC51.698311273
    94Wichita, KS51.519190117
    95Columbus, OH51.4710610238
    96Springfield, MO51.231152899
    97Amarillo, TX51.141117649
    98Spokane, WA51.101085869
    99Pittsburgh, PA50.6710944102
    100Fort Wayne, IN50.0711243121
    101Modesto, CA49.9511011334
    102Brownsville, TX49.908414356
    103Miami, FL49.7876100147
    104Houston, TX49.7770133131
    105Fort Lauderdale, FL49.3880119145
    106San Bernardino, CA49.229812492
    107Las Vegas, NV49.061189391
    108Stockton, CA48.729712895
    109Chattanooga, TN48.6911782104
    110Richmond, VA48.6588118144
    111North Las Vegas, NV48.641289464
    112Fresno, CA48.439314198
    113Hialeah, FL48.3177144138
    114Bakersfield, CA48.1812412735
    115Newport News, VA47.98104117124
    116Jacksonville, FL47.9312510459
    117Providence, RI47.731295990
    118Knoxville, TN47.041339747
    119Baton Rouge, LA46.6912356140
    120Tampa, FL46.6512112588
    121Worcester, MA46.6012084137
    122St. Petersburg, FL46.5013067111
    123Milwaukee, WI46.44105130133
    124New Orleans, LA46.401431075
    125Rochester, NY46.18103140130
    126Indianapolis, IN45.9213412342
    127Tulsa, OK45.761366682
    128Montgomery, AL45.3312213794
    129Little Rock, AR45.301442652
    130Baltimore, MD45.07113121139
    131Memphis, TN45.06119139115
    132Louisville, KY44.9513813221
    133Norfolk, VA44.46116134136
    134Corpus Christi, TX44.1413510996
    135Buffalo, NY43.59126131132
    136Cincinnati, OH43.34127136127
    137St. Louis, MO43.06132105142
    138Jackson, MS42.93137111113
    139Philadelphia, PA42.7714212277
    140Akron, OH42.20131129141
    141Newark, NJ41.16107149150
    142Fayetteville, NC40.04141145120
    143Shreveport, LA39.20148135105
    144Mobile, AL39.03147142100
    145Columbus, GA38.6214514784
    146Toledo, OH38.00146126143
    147Birmingham, AL37.50139146146
    148Augusta, GA37.00149138134
    149Cleveland, OH36.80140148148
    150Detroit, MI27.78150150149


    No matter where you choose to live, we sincerely hope you find happiness.



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