Strategies for staying cool during a heatwave

    It’s been warm, very warm. And having coping strategies to prevent you from overheating can be vital. Here are some quick heat injury prevention tips to help you stay cool and safe in the heat.

    Exercise during cooler hours

    Consider changing your outdoor workout schedule so that you are exercising when it is cooler. This is likely to be either in the early morning hours or late at night. When it is impossible to make this kind of time shift, think about shortening your workouts or doing something that is less strenuous. You should also wear clothing that has a looser fit and light in color. Remember, cotton can keep your temperature lower than synthetic materials. 

    Keep your skin well-hydrated

    Take a spray bottle filled with refrigerated water and spritz the face following a bout of outdoor exercise. Having a fan running is a great way to keep the air moving and create a stronger feeling of cool, even in spaces that are already air-conditioned. Another great idea is to keep some lotion or some toner in the refrigerator so that it can be applied to achy, overheated feet. 

    Drink plenty of water

    Store plastic water bottles in your freezer. Take one with you when venturing outside. During the workout the ice will melt, providing you with a nice, chilled water to drink. Bathe or shower often in cool water for a refreshing jolt.

    Dehydration can be prevented by consuming plenty of water and other beverages high in electrolytes. Many people love using portable fans that run on batteries. There are even products that integrate this type of fan with a misting water bottle. A tennis professional once taught me to take a normal cap, dump some ice water in it, and quickly place it on the head. 

    Don’t go heavy on the caffeine and alcohol

    Avoid caffeinated drinks as well as alcoholic ones, as they exacerbate dehydration. Rather than having hot meals, stick to small ones featuring cold low-fat dairy and fruit. Preparing chilled food will help you keep the stove off and stay cool.

    Spend time in cool spaces

    If your home lacks air conditioning, arrange to spend time at a library, shopping center, movie theater, or the like. Many municipalities offer cooling centers, especially during hot summer days. 

    You should also read tips from the London Meditation Centre on coping with the heat. They advise you to utilize Ayurvedic techniques to do so. 

    In the end, adhere to principles of common sense. When heat is oppressive, remain indoors if possible and stay out of direct sunlight and off of scorching pavement. Check in on senior citizens, the sick and keep a close eye on babies, as these groups easily fall victim to the heat. Finally, take care to provide extra protection, water, and care of pets who are also vulnerable when the temperatures soar. Stay cool. Be safe.


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