Some Questions Everyone Has About Rhinoplasty

    Have you ever wondered what goes into nose surgery? Many do not give it much thought. There are many reasons someone would want to have nose surgery. These reasons are not all cosmetic. Sometimes, nose surgery is necessary for the person to live a normal life. Here is a little about nose surgery and why someone would elect to have it.

    What is Finesse Rhinoplasty?

    Finesse rhinoplasty is surgery for the nose that is far more advanced than traditional nose surgery. Patients who desire Finesse nose surgery will want to correct deformed or unattractive noses. The nose grows as we age into adulthood. If we have a deformed nose, it can cause many health problems. Having nose surgery for a deformed nose can help correct these health problems.

    Some patients find their nose to be unattractive. These patients usually have a bump in their nose or some other growth which makes their nose look unattractive. Just like a deformed nose, these patients with an unattractive nose are excellent candidates for nose surgery.

    Does Insurance Cover Nose Surgery?

    Usually, health insurance will not cover the cost of nose surgery. It is almost always considered cosmetic surgery. Therefore, it is not medically necessary and health insurance does not cover it. However, with the exception of a deformed nose when it is medically necessary, the insurance might make an exception. For the most part, though, health insurance will not cover the cost of nose surgery.

    What Age Do You Need To Be To Have Nose Surgery?

    A physician would typically recommend a patient be at minimum 17-years-old before they will perform nose surgery. It is recommended to wait until you are at least 17 before having surgery because your nose is typically finished growing by the age of 17. However, in some rare circumstances when there is a deformity causing health issues the doctor might perform nose surgery sooner than 17. It should be noted that this is a rare circumstance. The US Food and Drug Administration does not recommend this type of surgery for anyone under 17.

    Is There any Bruising With Nose Surgery?

    The type of nose surgery is called Finesse nose surgery. During Finesse nose surgery, the bones of the nose are repositioned. There will be minimal bruising. Patients can expect the bruises to heal within a week. The bruises will be hardly noticeable.

    I Wear Glasses, Can I Wear Them After the Surgery?

    It is expected the nose will take up to 4 weeks to heal. If you are dependant on glasses, you should have a pair of contacts to wear home from the surgery. It is not recommended you wear your glasses for 4 weeks following the surgery. You should also know, you will have a nasal cast on your nose for at least 1 week. Because of the cast, you will not be able to wear your glasses. Again, it is recommended you not wear your glasses for 4 weeks.

    Will I be Able to Breath Through my Nose After Surgery?

    It is important to remember you just had nose surgery. It is not plausible to think you would be able to breathe through your nose immediately following the surgery. Most patients have reported they can begin breathing through their nose within a few days. They have reported it takes up to 1 week to begin breathing through the nose.

    I Take Medications, Should I Stop Before the Surgery?

    There are some medications that will inhibit the healing of your nose following surgery. These include both prescription and over-the-counter. You will be provided a list of these medications. If you are taking anything on the list, you will be asked to discontinue them for 10 days prior to the surgery. It is important to follow these instructions. If you do not, you might bleed more during surgery, bruise more after the surgery, and take longer than usual to heal following the surgery.

    Is There any Type of Anesthesia Given for the Surgery?

    The type of anesthesia used for Finesse nose surgery is usually called twilight. You will be breathing on your own during the surgery. After the surgery, you will not remember anything from during the surgery. You will be breathing on your own and there will not be a need for the bronchial tube you are accustomed to during other surgeries.

    How Long Will I be out of Work?

    Typically, patients are back to work within 3 days of surgery. Some patients are not comfortable walking around with the cast on their nose. If this is the case, the doctor can write you a note to be out of work for 7 days following the surgery. But if you are comfortable with the cast, you can return to work following 2 days of rest.

    Do I Need Someone to Help me After Surgery?

    Typically patients are requested to have a friend or family member help them for the first 48 hours following surgery. Sometimes, though, patients do not have a friend or family member they can arrange to be with them for 48 hours. When this is the case, you will need to arrange for a home nurse to come over and help you those 48 hours. There is staff in the office who can help you make these arrangements.

    How Long Does it Take to Recover?

    Most of the swelling and bruising typically dissolve within 1 week of surgery. However, the last few percentages of swelling will take approximately 1 year from the surgery to heal. For the most part, though, you should see results of recovery within 1 week of the surgery.

    Dr. Anurag Agrawal is a board certified plastic surgeon. He specializes in rhinoplasty surgery in Naples, FL. His office will reshape your nose and give you the confidence in your beauty that you desire. When you are considering nose surgery in Naples, Florida, you should consider Dr. Agrawal. His office will treat you with dignity and respect you deserve.  


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