So Shape Product Review

    So Shape was created with the purpose of a dieting option that actually worked. Now you can actually reach your goals faster with smarter meals. This amazing brand used scientific data and advice from  the top food scientists across France, making it the perfect diet plan that you can easily stick with and combine with your daily routine. So Shape Challenge is made up of 5, 14, or 28 days of tasty meals, featuring a variety of flavors to help you really stick to it and reach your goal. I received the 28 days shake and meal plan. It included (60 meals Shakes or Dishes) Free shacker, free shipping, and optional split payment. 

    I must say I love this brand already. From the packaging to the products themselves, everything is of excellent quality. The shakes are very tasty and the meals are delicious. I personally added these to my daily meal routine. They come very handy when I am in a hurry but still want to eat and feel good throughout my day. If you are looking for a weight-loss challenge that actually works, then you should give So Shape a try! 

    Reach your weight loss goals, Simply. 

    • Get quick results
    • Shakes and hot dishes
    • Up to 240kcal each meal 
    • Up to 25 grams of proteins
    • 23 vitamins and minerals
    • 17 delightful flavors 

    They supply 2 daily meals, The 3rd will be up to you! 

    BREAKFAST: So Shape shake, served hot or cold to suit your mood. 

    LUNCH: Rule-free, lunch! Staying, sensible of course.

    DINNER: So Shape meal. Head to bed feeling light.

    To view more about So Shape click here:


    So Shape shake, served hot or cold to suit your mood.


    So Shape shake, served hot or cold to suit your mood.

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