Snap Happy: What You Need To Consider To Get The Best Instagram Images

    Taking a great shot may sound easy, after all it’s estimated as a planet we upload 95 million images or videos each and every day. Which begs the question, how many are actually good?

    You’ll perhaps not be surprised to hear the answer is not many. Taking a fantastic shot is much harder than it looks, it’s why photographers are paid good money to be photographers.

    However, there are simple ways you can improve your images, and they aren’t that tricky.

    Whether you’re snapping with an iPhone or with Android, here are the basics you need to consider to make the most of your Instagram images…

    Shoot in the Right Mode

    You’d be surprised by how many people don’t use the Square mode on the mobile camera when snapping for Instagram. Don’t take a shoot now, crop later approach, shoot for what you intend the image to be used for.

    You’ll be able to frame your shot better and prevent you from having to cut anything out you didn’t want to afterwards, just so you can get it back to the correct shape for Instagram.

    Don’t be Afraid to Edit

    While we aren’t suggesting the levels of airbrushing you’d see in a woman’s magazine, there’s nothing wrong with getting into an editing suite and playing around with your shots. Even the most novice of photographers can enjoy this, with dozens of great apps available to download straight to your phone.

    Some of the best photo editors are the simplest, and you’ll find plenty of photo editing software reviews online to help you make the right decision.

    You’ll be able to edit a number of things with an editor, from simple things such as composure, brightness and size, as well as sharpening colours, adding filters and removing any blemishes picked up by the camera.

    It’s always wise not to overdo it but making simple and minor tweaks will make all the difference. Alternatively, you can make some wacky edits and ensure your Instagram photos are really out there.

    The Grid is your Friend

    Grid mode is a fantastic tool that all good photographers use, allowing you to fully gage the rule of thirds theory.

    The rule helps you create more balanced images, by placing interesting aspects of your shot at the interjecting points on the grid. It’s a practice that all budding photographers should adhere too, at least until they’ve mastered it and want to go a little more off-piste anyway.

    Use the Exposure. Yes Even Smartphone Cameras Have The

    We tend to be quite automatic in our ways when taking photographs with our smartphone, but you can adjust your exposure just as your would with a digital camera.

    If your shots are two light or dark, compensate for this with the exposure tool, as well as locking in your focus by tapping on the primary aspect of your shot.

    These are two simple steps but will considerably improve your shots and in turn up the number of likes on your posts.


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