Shopping While Traveling: 5 Tips for Savings

    Traveling the world is one of the greatest things a human being can do in his life. Most people prefer to buy and collect memorabilia when they travel. Shopping has always been a fun activity be it in their own country or abroad. So here we provide tips on how to save in shopping while traveling:

    Shopping in Street Markets:

    If you are collecting memorabilia it is best to shop in street markets because in street markets the prices are usually lower than in registered shops. This is mainly because most of the taxes are not applied to the products on the streets. You can find a variety of items to shop for on the street of different places, like- traditional dresses showpieces, some exclusive items, etc. Choose more than one memorabilia to keep. A huge advantage of shopping on the streets is the opportunity to strike a bargain because these shops do not have a fixed price on their products you can always bargain for a lower price than what they ask for.

    Always Explore Options:

    Unlike shopping in your locality where you know the best shop for every product, where you can get the best quality of the product for the lowest price, shopping while traveling always requires exploration to find the best quality of the product for a reasonable price. Explore different shops and compare the products and its price in as many shops as you can before deciding where you are going to buy your item. Ask the local people about the best shop for the item you are looking to buy. This exploration is a fun part of itself while traveling. This way you can do shopping at a low cost in any place you visit.

    Manage Your Luggage:

    This is an important part while traveling. The more luggage you have to carry the uncomfortable it becomes to travel from one city to another. If you are planning on shopping then you will also have to keep in mind that the items you buy will also fit into your luggage. Keeping that in mind you should leave bags a little spacious while packing, to carry the items you shopped abroad. Also, you must buy small items and highly foldable clots for the same reason. For example, buying a huge rug when you visit Jerusalem is not a wise thing to do.

    Carry More Than One Credit Card:

    Carrying cash while traveling is an extra burden. So, set yourself free by carrying several credit cards. This has many facilities. Some credit cards are not accepted in some countries, so you will have to keep your options open. Make sure the credit cards you carry have no foreign transaction fees. There is a probability that your wallet might get stolen, so don’t keep all the cards in the same place. Distribute your cards in separate bags so that you can have at least one of them with you in unfortunate times. Also, several shops provide discounts on different credit cards. So, having more than one credit card just might help you to avail of a discount or an offer from a shop.

    Taxation and Other Paying Duties:

    Different countries have different taxation norms. If you are buying from a registered shop, getting burdened by several taxes is nothing new. So, it is recommended that you research about the taxation system of the country you are visiting before you go shopping. If you are visiting Europe, you can save your money by getting a vat refund; you can get a vat refund in Italy as in many other European countries.

    After this, there is another paying duty that you will face, which is customs. Now different countries charge different custom duties. These charges also vary with shipping distances and many other reasons.

    In a Nutshell:

    So, if you ever go shopping while traveling keep the tips given here in mind and be smart about the price for which you are buying your desired item. Check the item you buy thoroughly otherwise there is no return policy available once you have left the shop. Save as much money as possible on shopping and spend it on experiences. If you can think of any other tips for shopping abroad, let us know in the comments.


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