San Francisco Business Owners: Here’s How to Get Your Business on a Billboard


    When you are a small business, the amount of exposure and brand recognition in the market can make or break your company’s success. If potential customers or clients are not aware of your company or brand, they may decide to purchase or do business with a more recognizable company. As a business owner, you need to allocate money in your annual business budget to spend on advertising and creating brand awareness.

    But how do you get your name out there?

    There Are Many Options For Advertising

    In today’s world, everywhere you turn there seems to be some product or brand being advertised even if you do not realize it. These advertisements build brand awareness, influence buying behavior, and open up the world of options for consumers. 

    As you are scrolling through social media like Facebook, TikTok, and Instagram, you may see clear advertisements direct from companies in your feed. You may also see influencers or celebrities boasting products on their feeds. 

    As you search on Google, several advertisements and product or brand suggestions pop up even if you are not searching for that specific product type. Google using AI and can predict what you may need in the future based on past buying habits.

    When you watch television, you have always seen commercials. These are usually during the scheduled break from the television show. These days, as you watch your favorite show, you may not realize the subtle advertisements for products or brands within the actual show scene. These product placements and advertisements are thoughtfully placed there on purpose. 

    When you walk around town, you will see billboards, advertisements on public transportation.

    Everywhere you go, there are advertisements. With consumers seeing thousands of advertisements each day, how do you stand out?

    The Benefits Of Getting Your Business On A Billboard

    With there being so many advertising options available to businesses, you want to find an option that will get your product, service, or brand the most exposure while staying within the price points in your advertising budgets. 

    If you are a small business owner in the San Francisco area, you know that you live in a market that is the 4th largest city in the State of California. This popular city and surrounding areas are home to millions. In addition, San Francisco has one of the highest numbers of visitors for both business travel and leisure travel. Some people travel from across the country and world to visit this beautiful city. 

    With that being said, a great way to maximize your company’s exposure is to invest in san francisco billboards. If you may the decision to advertise on a billboard, your business will stand out. There will not be competing advertisements, for any product, being shown at the same time. Your advertisement will have a chance to captivate the audience for a few moments and leave an impression on the potential customer or client.

    Advertising on a billboard sounds complicated, but is it?

    How To Get Your Business On A Billboard 

    Decades ago when companies wanted to advertise on billboards, it was a long and strenuous process. It could take several weeks and, or months of planning before a billboard would go up. Companies would have to spend time mocking up the art, the text copy, and then find an artist that would deliver on their requests. As technology advanced, so did the methods of preparing billboards.

    On these dates, technology is more advanced than ever. Many billboard companies have been able to keep up with the technology. These days, you will rarely see a person manually installing a billboard since many have gone digital. From an office, a person can design the billboard’s art and copy, and have it scheduled to automatically go up onto the billboard during specific dates and times. 

    To get your company on a billboard, find a company that specializes in outdoor advertising. They will have many options like standard billboards, digital signage around town, and various options for advertising your small business.

    It Is Just The Cost Of Doing Business

    Many business owners and operators are hesitant about spending money on things like advertising but let’s be real, advertising is an intricate piece of a business’s success. Business owners may not understand that for every dollar spent on advertising, they will great brand awareness and should see a return on their investment. To ensure you are getting a positive return on investment for the advertisements, keep track of where your new business is coming from. If the advertisement is not working, try something new.


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