Removing Fats From Water—Is That Really A Thing?

    The untimely weather changes and unexpected droughts worldwide often reflect the gradually increasing impacts of climate change. Owing to the buildup of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere, our planet is slowly deteriorating. Several factors like excessive burning of fossil fuels, unethical agricultural practices, rising pollution, etc. greatly contribute to the rising greenhouse gas levels. Our earth, our only known habitable location, is inching towards the point of no return. 

    You can make a difference by making eco-friendly improvements to your office or workplace infrastructure. Currently, investing in an appropriate tool that removes fats from water can be a step forward to a sustainable future. 

    Why is it necessary to extract oil from water? 

    Water plays a significant role in any company’s activities, especially in manufacturing industries like steel and food production, cosmetics, mines, railroads, buildings, and many more. Likewise, oil plays a minor or major role in almost all of the same industries. Therefore, there are high chances of improper handling of oil which can lead to the oil waste being channeled to the oceans or local water bodies. This is a reality that we need to fight together. If we are able to do so, the benefits are huge.

    Extracting oil from water can provide substantial advantages such as:

    1. Cost reductions 
    2. Ecological Improvement 
    3. Providing more nature-friendly work 
    4. Environmental sustainability 

    It is also important to extract oil as near as possible to the point of origin (where the oil reaches the stream of water). Extracting oil “mixes” from wastewater before it reaches the drainage stream would dramatically decrease the scope and related costs of down-the-line wastewater treatment infrastructure.

    How can we remove fats from water?

    If you have pooling oil or oil sheen, assess first. Pooling oil can float on top of the water with an extremely dense oil — as if you were already taking a gallon jug and dumping it into the water. Oil sheen is a very thin film of barely visible fat, only revealing a rainbow sheen at some angles.

    In heavy industries, the chances are that water comes into contact with oil at some point. In the recycling or reuse process, the very first step is to extract the oil from the water. If you are looking for a product that helps you to remove fat or oil from water bodies, you can opt for reusable oil sheen removal wipes. Such an environmentally and economically aware effort is necessary to conserve and reuse all water and oil resources available today. 

    What are oil sheen removal wipes?

    If your company deals with oil and water, oil sheen removal wipes are a must to run an environmentally conscious business

    • Oil sheen removal wipes are environmentally compatible commodities made from the garment processing industry’s selected recycled waste fibers. 
    • These are high-quality products, specifically made to absorb oils and extract crude chemicals from water. 
    • The oil sheen wipes help keep the water clean by removing the fats, oils, & greases (FOG) content. 
    • First, they recover and compost oil and then indefinitely launder and reuse them.
    • One of the most notable features of these wipes is that they are disposable through waste-to-energy incineration as fuel. As a result, they save a lot of money in comparison to other oil extraction products.
    • These products are sold in packets of 50 wipes each.

    Last but not least

    Beyond the office grounds, an organization can extend its contribution to the environment by dealing with eco-vendors. The concern that green rivals will win more contracts will motivate other vendors to become eco-friendly. When it comes to saving the world, no move is too small. We must all start somewhere, and that’s all that matters. All these small efforts will surely add up to something significant and will end up saving our water bodies.

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