Reasons Why Lawyers Should Use Legal Document Management Software

    take your company forward

    The legal profession is a product of a century-old tradition. While improving the recognition and credibility of the profession, it also created a system that fundamentally rejects innovation and technological progress. Legal technology also fails to recognize the potential benefits.  

    Using the right software for legal purposes, law firms can improve their processes to increase productivity and possibly generate higher profits. Here are six reasons why your law firm needs productivity software:

    What is law firm management software?

    The Dazychain – Legal Management Software simplifies your daily processes and manages all aspects of your law firm, such as cases and client files, documents, appointments, working hours, deadlines and bookkeeping. Legitimate software from a single source can fundamentally change the way your company operates.

    Data loss prevention:

     The loss of critical data (including confidential information) is a disaster for law firms. Using paper documents may result in running out of backups that can be easily restored. Sleeves allow you to store and preserve information without worrying about losing paper; documents and digital data are only stored on the hard drive.

    Simplified data access and retrieval:

    The lawyers deal with a large number of cases and large amounts of data in hearings every day-consider how tedious and time-consuming it will be to view or obtain accurate data in real time, but it requires the use of process management software documents through centralization and coordination with a user base, it is becoming easier to view and retrieve each case.

    Improve efficiency:

    We all know that a lot of time in the workplace is spent browsing social media, watching YouTube videos, or long lunch breaks.

    However, a major disaster that is often overlooked is inefficient software and organizational systems that hinder productivity. I’m sure that there was a period of time in your career that you couldn’t complete your work because you couldn’t find the documents. Or a serious software crash. The whole time was in vain. We all need to be more efficient. Therefore, instead of needing more time each day or increasing the budget for personal assistants, it is better to invest in law firm management software.

     Even if you are not the most computer-savvy person, Dazychain – Legal Management Software is a program for non-technical users. The complex software that Dazychain runs is hidden behind a user-friendly interface, so you can perform important tasks such as accessing files, creating reports, and managing emails and daily calendars without having to read instruction manuals.

    Basic Calendar:

    Unless you complete it on time, your business will never run properly. Make sure that your plan has a master calendar that you can use to track personal appointments, onboarding, customers, etc.

     When purchasing medical malpractice insurance, there is often the question of whether the company supports dual calendars. Many companies support it, but according to lawyers, this is a daunting idea. The more time the company spends, the more likely it is. The fact that multiple calendars are available at the same time increases errors and leads to abuse. To solve this problem, it is easy to use Dazychain – Legal Management Software with a built-in legal calendar tool.

    Lawyers’ fees:

    Generally, lawyers manually enter the received invoices into the payment system for compensation; however, it is difficult to verify invoices due to lack of information about the correlation between previous payments, agreements with external lawyers, and billing dates. In addition, many other internal expenses (such as court fees, travel expenses, etc.) may be recorded inaccurately. Budget or choose the right course of action for each problem.

    Office work from anywhere:

    Today, every lawyer wants to access his files and folders anytime and anywhere, whether they are at home at night, on the road, on vacation, etc. The files are stored in the cloud; the most common one is Google Sheets.

    Security and Compliance:

    For lawyers who deal with sensitive topics on a daily basis, platform security is the top priority of a good legal document management system that can ensure company-level security. This ensures that all your data is kept up to date from third parties, phishing and hacking attacks. With advanced encryption technology, they can prevent hackers from accessing your documents. In addition, you can define authorization levels to ensure that only authorized personnel can access each document.

     In addition, a good legal document management platform is cloud-based, so the Dazychain – Legal Management Software can be easily updated to the latest security and compliance. Essentially, a cloud-based system means you don’t have to worry about installation costs or additional technical costs. 


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