Reasons Why Girls Become Instant Friends In Public Bathrooms

    The secret is out on what really goes on when girls enter the bathroom… but have you noticed from the second you step foot in there you can come out with a bunch of new friends? There is a lot more going on in public bathrooms than doing our business- and for that reason we end up with an extra click of chicks after we leave.

    Have you ever wondered why anytime a girl enters a communal restroom, she makes instants friends? They will compliment each other’s outfits, shoes, makeup; and next thing you know, they are having a full conversation about their exes while washing their hands- as if they have known each other forever!

    Communal bathrooms in college are a touchy subject for girls. No one wants to share a bathroom with other people, have to wait for a shower to open, or have to walk down the hall to go brush our teeth next to a girl we barely know. However, communal bathrooms will provide you with a meeting place for some great friends. It is those strange conversations at 7 am when you are half asleep, gargling with mouthwash; leading to great, long-lasting friendships.

    There will always be someone in the communal bathroom when you walk in, and although that means no privacy on the toilet, someone will always be there for other support.

    For instance…

    There will always be someone in the bathroom who will share their tampons with you: There really is nothing better than having someone with a matching cycle. There is nothing more convenient than having a friend with extra tampons when you are a broke college student and all out of your own. Bonding at it’s finest. 

    There will always be someone you can connect with over lipstick and share fierce makeup tips: The ultimate sign of friendship is having the privilege to borrow someone else’s Mac color or having someone to help you with your winged eyeliner. With those connections, you will most definitely meet someone who is good with hair, too. Bonus: You just found yourself a personal hairdresser friend.  

    There will always be someone to check for your panty lines and contemplate them with you: You never go commando without approval from a friend as no leggings will EVER look good with panty lines. You will always find a friend in the communal bathroom to judge your panty lines for you fairly.

    There will always be someone to match pitch with you while you are singing in the showers next to each other: Nothing truly brings two people together like singing a duet from Frozen. If you can sing in match keys then you are basically soul sisters.

    There will always be someone to take a mirror selfie with… and you know the bathroom selfie is ending up in your Snapchat story: It’s like a basic rule of feminism. Only your friends make it in your snap stories. You can’t waste 10 seconds of your story posting a snap with a complete stranger.

    There will always be someone there to straighten the back part of your hair you can’t reach: Nothing is worse than kinks in straight hair right? You will always have a personal hair stylist because odds are someone will be in there doing their own hair and can offer you a helping hand.

    There will always be someone there to listen to you vent about the most random things: When you run into the bathroom and your eyes are filled with tears after a phone call home, someone will be in the bathroom to ask you what is wrong; and then listen to you vent!

    Did we just become best friends? YUP. 

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