Real-World Business Education Is Closer Than You Think

    For those already in mid-career looking for a resume boost, pursuing an MBA degree can feel daunting, especially when so many schools fail to offer flexible options. What working professionals need is a masters program that doesn’t require them to uproot themselves from their jobs or current cities. Ideally, they’ll find a program that is part-time, that works around their work schedule, and still leaves plenty of hours free for relaxation, or for attending to familial commitments. This program should also be located in a major city accessible by rapid transit for optimal convenience.

    The Lazaridis School of Business & Economics has a part-time program that is held on alternating weekends; classes occur on Friday nights and Saturdays during the day with Sundays off guaranteed. What’s more is it’s housed in the heart of Toronto’s financial district downtown, so when you complete your MBA on Bay Street you can keep your job in finance and even add a CFA designation to your prestigious degrees. Alternatively, you can do a dual master’s in finance in addition to an MBA. Courses in the financial specialization range from entrepreneurial finance to advanced corporate finance – suitable for a variety of professional directions.

    There are numerous benefitsto working while studying as well; candidates will apply key skills learned in the classroom to their workplace for example, showing their employers just how capable they are of leadership. Furthermore, they’ll be earning an income enabling them to pay off their MBAs faster. The program can be completely in as little as 2.3 years and extended up to 5.

    Those not in finance can choose from eight other exciting specializations including accounting, marketing, strategic management, international business, supply chain management, operations management and human resources management. All students will learn how to tackle problems in the workplace from more than just the perspective of their specialization as they’ll be immersed in the school’s integrated core methodology which approaches business issues in a holistic way.

    Candidates will have plenty of opportunity to network thanks to the program’s location; important career defining events will be that much easier to attend in the evenings, where they can meet and converse with important decision makers in their field. Of course, students will also make connections within their cohort; those specializing in similar paths or industries can help to boost one another both throughout their time at the program and post graduation. Some have even gone on to form fruitful and sustainable collaborations.  

    An MBA designation does not have to be impossible or elusive if prospective applicants find the program, one that works for their schedules, and that will help them meet career goals on their terms. A part-time, flexible program will provide them with adequate time, and can be seamlessly integrated into even the busiest person’s life. Just because some business people got on the fast track to their careers does not mean they can’t still take steps to improve their knowledge, experience, and what they’re able to offer – both at their current places of employment and beyond.


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