Rari Nutrition Lean Genes – Product Review

    I am not a workout Junkie, and frankly, I would pass the gym in my complex every day with take-out in my hand. I decided two weeks that ago that I needed to change my behavior. I’m on the plus side of 40 as the need to tempt fate by not living correctly.  However, I swore off supplements as I truly felt they didn’t work. Here is my complete product review of Lean Genes by Rari Nutrition.

    I have tried multiple diet schemes and supplements over the years which had marginal results at best. I love to eat, plain and simple. I most likely consume about 2500 – 3000 calories per day, and due to a busy and unpredictable entrepreneurial schedule, I’ve been sedentary as of late.

    With that said, I decided to take small steps by starting to work out a few times a week. Rather than order pizza, I grill some chicken lying around in the fridge. I then decided to introduce Rari Nutrition Lean Genes to curb my appetite as part of my plan. I came across Rari Nutrition as I found them through a friend who has been happy with their pre workout and recovery blend. I was worried about getting jittery as I drink enough espresso as it is.

    Here are the ingredients and supplement facts of Lean Genes:

    Here is my assessment after three weeks of using Lean Genes:

    1. I’m a marketing guy, so I like the fact that they took time and care to create high-end packaging
    2. Having worked in pharmaceuticals and medical devices for over 20 years, I like how they comply with Good Manufacturing Practices or GMP – they are not bound to do, but they take the extra step
    3. Despite three espressos a day, no jitters with Rari Lean Genes
    4. My appetite is much less savage as I simply have the desire to eat less than I normally do whether I’m eating in or at a restaurant

    The results of Lean Genes

    I already lost 12 pounds by tweaking my diet, introducing some regular exercise and 2 Rari Lean Genes every morning.

    Bottom Line

    I recommend Lean Genes by Rari Nutrition to anyone looking for a safe way to lose weight. I’ll follow-up in a month or so with my progress.

    If you’re interested in Rari Nutriton products, click here: https://rarinutrition.com/

    Not a sponsored post, however, product was supplied by Rari.  Opinions expressed are my own.


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