Preparing for an Out of State College Summer Internship

    An important part of the college experience for many students is to participate in an internship. An internship will prepare you for a job and post-college life and will give you some valuable job experience.

    While some people elect to take a local internship, some others will prefer to take an internship away from their home and/or college, and some even go out of state. If you or someone you know are heading out of state for an internships, this article will feature a couple of tips to help you prepare and get ready for your new opportunity in a new city.

    Get To Know Your New Home

    While some people may choose an internship in a city they are familiar with, others will choose a place that is completely new to them. If this is the case for you, it is imperative that you get to know the new city you will be living and working in.

    This includes not only finding out where things are and how to get around quickly, but you also need to research cool things to do in the city. You won’t be at the office all day, and you don’t want to become a hermit, so be sure to find out all you can, both professionally and personally, about your new home. Driving around the city for a bit will help, but there are also plenty helpful online guides for most big cities.

    Make Sure to Bring or Ship Your Car

    This will of course depend on what city you are moving to, but in most cases, it will be a good idea to have your car with you. For many people, it will be fairly easy to pack their car full of their belongings and simply drive to their new destination.

    However, some people don’t go to the next state over for an internship, some might go across the country. Since driving across the country isn’t an option for many, how are they supposed to get their car? Well, the answer lies in auto shipping. Companies like Executive Auto Shippers, ( will ship your car across the country for a reasonable fee. This makes it easy to have your car, no matter where you go.

    Work on Your Networking Skills and Be Social

    An internship is an amazing opportunity to get valuable work experience, but also to make new contacts that could be beneficial throughout your career. You will meet executives and co-workers in your industry and if you prove your hard work and can network properly, they might refer you for jobs or put in a good word elsewhere.

    This all goes double when working and interning in an entirely new place. This will give you a completely fresh start as you won’t know anyone, and will give you a whole new city and local industry to participate and network in. It never hurts having contacts in multiple cities, and taking an out-of-state internship can be a great way to make that happen.

    Be Physically and Mentally Ready

    If you are used to being a student, working as an intern might be something new to you. Even if you have interned before, every place is different, so you need to prepare yourself for this opportunity. This involves being both physically and mentally ready and prepared for the job.

    Sleep is essential for many things, including being physically and mentally ready for work. In addition to getting a lot of sleep, you want to make sure you learn about your upcoming internship. This includes knowing the dress code, what sort of work you will be doing and such. You should also have a positive and energetic attitude heading into the internship.


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