Powerful Ways to Increase Instagram Engagement in 2021

    Have you been wondering how you can increase engagement in 2021? Well, you are not the only one in this venture as the majority of people have this same thought as you. Right now, brands have to look further into performance metrics and track comments, shares, saves, IG views, and even DMs to understand how well they are performing. 

    But, lucky enough for you, the steps are not that hard as you think it to be. There are some ways in which you can level up the Instagram strategy and increase the engagement this year.

    Always focus on the right time to post

    If you are posting your content at the wrong time, you are literally limiting Instagram engagement to a great extent. Even if you are not regular enough, you are losing out on the growth. Even though there are multiple ways to increase Instagram engagements, but posting the content when your audience’s active scale is on a high will always win you multiple likes and followers.

    • Instagram has a positive algorithm, which will love posts that can degenerate huge engagement within a short span of time. They will often move the post to the top of the feeds of their followers.
    • So, to encourage this point, even more, make sure to spend some extra time to monitor and then track down the Instagram analytics. This way, you get to learn the best time for you to post the content for your audience.
    • Some tools are now available, which are purposely designed to automatically calculate the 7 top posting times, depending on the best performing content from the recent month.
    • Every account is made using unique followers in multiple time zones. So, it is perfect for finding the personalized best time for posting on Instagram. It is one proven way to reach out to maximum people at the same time, which in turn will increase engagement and help in your brand growth.

    Instagram story stickers can be great conversation starters for your posts

    More than 500 million accounts are using the power of Instagram stories these days. This number is targeted to grow more in 2021 and even in upcoming years. These stickers are perfect ways to encourage followers to just chat and then share the opinions and experiences with you. 

    This stage will help you to create that loyal following, which makes you feel connected to the brand more. Learning about the stickers will help you more in your venture towards Instagram engagement.

    • Question sticker: The AMA or Ask Me Anything sticker has its growth in Instagram stories. This sticker is here to help you get to know more about what your followers want from your business.
    • Quick sticker: This one will help you to share some trivia-style MCQ with the followers and then get to track their results. So, when your followers vote on a quiz, they will see whether they got it right.
    • Countdown sticker: This sticker is perfect if you want to grow the interest level of your followers and get more traction with sales or events. You can try using this countdown sticker to gain more interest from the customers and followers.

    Just be sure to learn more about the stickers and the power of Instagram stories, and that way, you get to increase the engagement rate. You might want to buy Instagram likes sometimes, as an increase in like will help your brand to reach the next step towards success. For that, make sure to learn more about the reputed companies selling likes and avoid heading towards the scammers now.

    Get the chance to create savage content

    Instagram shares, comments, and saves are some of the major points to consider. One best way to improve engagement for this year is by creating content that will encourage the audience to tap that save button. Save-able content is anything that you know the audience will want to revisit later. 

    • Using some of the carousel posts for sharing valuable information and tips might lead to some more saves as the audience can prefer to go back and check out the posts to act on given tips.
    • In the same way, the travel content creators will see success by creating some of the mini-blog style posts and then sharing information about their travel destination.

    Test and analyze the types of content on a regular basis

    Some best Instagram content plans will come towards you after you have done your part with experimentation. Testing out some new content forms will feel daunting on Instagram, mainly if you are onto something positive and seeing a good engagement rate on the present content strategy. 

    However, trial, error, and content experiments are some of the major points to jot down in case you want to stay ahead of the curve and having a stronger strategy. If you are not sure where to start from, some special points will come your way.

    • Make sure to test out some of the new content types, which are going viral online these days. Quotes, memes and user-generated content, selfies-style video, and even mini-infographics are some of the options to cover.
    • On the other hand, you can experiment with video types like Instagram reels, stories, and even IGTV. Some brands might work well with the long content form on IGTV, and others prefer short and snappy clips. 
    • Always try to test out multiple Instagram Stories styles and see in case you get to improve the engagement. 

    While you are trying and testing out various content types, do not forget to check the analytics on a regular basis. With Instagram analytics, you get to see how posts are performing with passing time and across various metrics such as likes, engagement rates, and even comments. With the same analytics, you get the chance to track up around 3 months’ worth of content.

    Best way to increase engagement:

    Increasing Instagram engagement in 2021 is not that difficult, but there are some steps associated with the points well. Following the options mentioned already might help you in offering the best response within that said time.


    • Scarlet is a passionate writer and regular contributor at highstylife.com interested in fashion, lifestyle, and health. She loves traveling, you could say that she is a real travel addict, especially when she has a chance to visit some exotic destinations. She would tell you that inspiration can be found in the most unexpected places.

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