Poetry By Lost As Alice

    Guest Post by: Nicole Marie


    ~Broken Artist~

    She may seem like a

    tortured artist but

    I promise she’s a




    Her trust was once caged

    afraid to come out and play

    her heart was trapped in the

    darkness where which it stayed.

    She found today her trust was

    free her heart she could hear

    it beat. As she looked into

    his eyes she knew loving

    him was right. She let the

    darkness that once surrounded

    her heart and slowly let it depart.


       ~Familiar Blue Eyed Hero~

    You are the whiskey

    that numbs the pain

    that flows through

    my veins I was once

    broken as if you were

    the pier and watched

    my eyes filled with

    tears like I was the

    sea that’s as blue as

    the sky you created a

    drought and cleared

    my eyes love has always

    been a battle but with

    you the fight has ended

    I’m at peace by your side

    I have never felt so alive

    as you softly approach my

    cheek and gently touch my

    skin our eyes slowly meet

    as if we were the waves of

    the ocean slowly getting

    ready to crash and become

    one I have fallen for you

    and I shall call you my

    familiar blue eyed hero…

    ~Black Rose~

    She is a black rose that wishes to be dipped in red.

    She doesn’t quite see that she’s beautifully unique.

    Poetry and Guest Post by: Nicole Marie

    Check her out on Instagram: www.Instagram.com/lostasalicepoetry 


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