Places in Your Home You Can Turn into an Office

    Have you decided to start your own home-based business? Or are you a freelancer that prefers working from home to co-working spaces? Whatever your situation, this career requires you to have a proper office. Luckily, there are plenty of options you can explore and find the one that works best for you. Take a look at some of the possible areas of your home which you can turn into an office.

    Turn to unused nooks of your home

    Let’s start with the simplest option. If you do not have a spare room or the funds to remodel a part of your home, you can look for a space which is often neglected and turn it into a work area. For example, look for a wall that is not utilized to the fullest and put your desk against it. You can also place the desk behind your couch if it’s positioned in the center of the room. If your living area has an open floor layout, you can also create a workspace in front of a wall. Consider often forgotten areas such as the hallway or the space underneath the stairs. This option is great if your business does not require a lot of equipment, as you can probably always fit a desk and a chair in your living space.

    Make the most of a spare room

    In case you have a spare room because your kids moved out or you decided that your guest room can be put to better use, why not turn it into your office? This is a great option as you will probably not have to change a lot. If there is enough space, you can even leave the extra bed for when you actually have guests over. Install some shelves, get an ergonomic chair and desk and get to work. Bonus tip: You don’t have to repaint the room if you do not want to, but having some inspirational colors around you can be a great productivity booster.

    Transform your basement

    Putting your office into the basement is another practical idea, seeing as how it is removed from the rest of your home so you will not be constantly interrupted or disturbed by the noise made in the living room. One important thing you cannot overlook is illumination, so make sure to invest in bulbs that look like natural light. If the basement is primarily used for storage, you will have to work around that and make sure you know where your business documents and equipment are at all times. Explain to your family members that your office is off-limits.

    Remodel your attic

    If your home does not have a basement, you can also do this with your attic. However, this might be a pricy endeavor if the space is not functional. There are plenty of aspects to take into consideration, such as lighting, insulation and structure. You should conduct an inspection to see whether you can actually put heavier things there and move them around. Implementing skylights for natural light is also crucial. Seeing as how the expenses for such an undertaking can easily add up, this might require you to look into financing options, either through your current lender or through the numerous lenders and brokers found online. Be it re-financing or negotiating a new loan, you want to investigate all available loan options before you commit to any future renovation projects of this magnitude.

    Set it up in the garage

    Similarly to the basement, you will not have to change a lot in your garage to turn it into an office. Some rearranging and redecorating should be enough for you to have a functional work area. Make sure you have heating and cooling. Chances are that you don’t have an HVAC system in your garage, so turn to some portable heating and cooling units.

    Add a granny flat

    If you have the funds at your disposal, you can think about adding a new dwelling in your backyard, such as a granny flat. Having a completely separate room to work in can do wonders for your motivation and productivity. However, if you decide on this option, make sure to check which permits you need and get them on time. Apart from building it, you will also have to think about furnishing it and also run all the necessary amenities. All of this can be quite expensive, so don’t jump into something before you think it through. Much like with the attic, this too can be a project that would be worthwhile investigating your options with a financial institution.

    As you can see, there are plenty of spaces in your home that you can use for your home-based business. Put your thinking cap on, get creative and you’ll do it in no time.


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