People’s First Experiences with Microdosing

    Sweeping generalizations are generally best avoided when it comes to things like microdosing mushrooms. Or for that matter, microdosing psilocybin and other psychedelics in general. 

    This is because while there are millions already microdosing in Canada, most do so for very different reasons. Every user has their own unique motivations for microdosing psilocybin – every user also feels the effects in an entirely different way.

    It’s something that should be taken into account by anyone consulting a microdosing guide that makes potentially misleading generalizations. In order to know how microdosing actually works and what you can expect to feel, you need to take the time to listen to those who are currently doing it. 

    Detailed, you’ll find a few summarized statements from psilocybin users we contacted, who were asked about their first experiences with microdosing and their subsequent opinions on the whole thing:

    Rebecca F, Stay-at-Home Mom of Two 

    Right now, I take the tiniest amount of psilocybin every 2 to 3 days. I’ve never suffered from depression or anxiety in any clinical sense, but I’ve never been great at dealing with stress and pressure. It was hard when I had one kid to look after but I felt like things were getting out of control when our second boy arrived. 

    My friend recommended microdosing and I was skeptical of first, but the difference it made was unreal. It didn’t have any effect on my physical capabilities or my ability to think clearly – I just instantly found myself feeling confident, less anxious and more capable. It’s hard to describe – like the insignificant stuff that was on my mind before wasn’t an issue. Kinda the feeling you get when you complete a long list of chores you hate – the feeling it’s all good and you can stop worrying. 

    I know some people wouldn’t recommend psilocybin to parents with kids, but I’m 100% convinced it has made me a better mom and wife. 

    Andy A, Office Admin Worker 

    Depression runs in our family and has been an issue for a lot of my life. It’s never hit me as hard as my mom or my sister, but it’s definitely had an effect. I hated being on anti-depressants which somehow make me feel even worse – booze helped but it’s not sustainable.

    Not that I’m a drunk, but a couple of glasses of wine every single day to keep me going wasn’t a lifestyle I was happy with.

    Microdosing was actually my wife’s idea as she’d tried it recreationally once or twice before. It was unreal – I suddenly found myself sitting in quiet contemplation and thinking about how lucky I was. All the things I normally overlook started to matter to me, while the things I already appreciate make me feel like I’d won the lottery. Not in the same way as alcohol – no inebriation at all.

    I’ve never needed to up the dose either – it’s just enough to take the edge off.

    Harriet C, College Faculty Member

    Are you kidding me?  I was terrified the first time I tried psilocybin. I was expecting the kind of Alice in Wonderland experience where you might never climb out of the rabbit hole!

    Yeah I took some persuading I can tell you but was nothing like expected. I didn’t actually feel it coming on and I can’t really put my finger on any specific sensation. I just tried it on a Saturday afternoon and went on to have a really, really good day. It’s something I’ve done a bunch of times since when I’ve been going through stressful times or it’s looking like a lousy week at work.

    I was most impressed by the fact that there wasn’t any comedown either. Nor did I feel the need to take more when the effects wore off.

    Marko, Restaurant Manager

    My first experience with microdosing psilocybin was probably a bit more intense than most. Frankly, me and a few friends were just looking to get high after a busy Friday night and a guy working at the restaurant had a stockpile of psilocybin.

    I’d say we took things a little further than we intended to, but man did we have a great time. I’ve since learned exactly how to control the dosage in accordance with what I need – a mood-boost, a kick of positivity or a major psychedelic trip.

    That’s what I love about psilocybin – it can be anything you want it to be, once you know what to do with it.


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