Pastor Ché Ahn Launches 1RACE4LIFE: Unifying the Masses for a Pro-Life Movement through Harvest Rock Church

    The mass media has focused on the coronavirus pandemic to the point that society has begun to largely ignore crucial matters that contribute more to the decline of the human population. Abortion in the United States has singlehandedly caused four times the amount of deaths than COVID-19. While the virus has killed over 165,000 people in 2020, abortion has taken the lives of more than 600,000 babies every year, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). In a recent conference, Harvest Rock Church Founder & Senior Pastor Ché Ahn announced the launching of a new non-profit organization, 1RACE4LIFE, dedicated to uniting the public on a quest for life, to combat abortion and remind people about its devastating moral impact.

     “God spoke to me to launch a new pro-life movement called 1RACE4LIFE,” says Pastor Ché Ahn during the conference. This grassroots movement will mobilize all races to unite and vote pro-life, hence the name. “In California, we talk about the 9,500 deaths in coronavirus; but every day 365 (babies) are being aborted,” says Pastor Ché. The Korean-American Pastor founded one of the largest and most diverse churches in the world. Using his vast resources combined with his charismatic and powerful sermons, the Pastor will do whatever it takes to reinstill religious morals and principles back in our society. 

    Simultaneously, Pastor Ché is actively supporting victims of the pandemic. Back in June, his church donated more than $50,000 and raised much more in future funding for small businesses in his hometown of Pasadena who suffered from the statewide lockdown. Furthermore, Harvest Rock Church started a new ministry to rebuild LA, revitalize the low-income neighborhoods, and mend race-relations following the death of George Floyd.

    Pastor Ché is a man on a continuous mission to serve. He plans to take two months off to attend 10 Battleground States to kick off the campaign. He will be speaking at churches and mobilizing young people who pledge to vote pro-life. “Roe v Wade happened in my lifetime and same-sex marriage in June of 2015,” the Pastor stated, “I don’t want this election lost on my watch and I’m going do whatever I can (to help.)”

    This campaign is a spiritual race involving millions of Americans, also often known in the media as the silent majority, but 1RACE4LIFE will serve as a lobbying group that amplifies the voices of those who feel alienated and enables them to express their opinions through the power of voting. Those who uphold Christian and family values have long been hushed. Pastor Ché urges people to become activists for good and join to vote pro-life. “We are bringing the different races together because I feel that the church has the solution to racial injustice, but it’s also a race for life because every 20 seconds a baby is being aborted,” he says. “Together we can win this race.” To read more about 1Race4Life or find out how to support, visit, or follow the cause on social media. 

    You can also catch Pastor Ché’s new show Equipping the Saints with Ché Ahn every Tuesday on GOD TV, in which he discusses these important issues with notable guests such as Cindy Jacobs, Dr. Michael Brown, and Eric Metaxas alongside his daughter Joy Ahn Ngu. Visit to see episodes or subscribe and view on Youtube through 


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